People Share Their Backstabbing Revenge Stories

Pawel Janiak

Have you ever watched a television show and marveled at the villain’s poise, confidence, and go-to attitude? Do their brilliant, scheming ways push you to plan your life out to achieve the best results, no matter the cost?

If that sounds like something you do regularly, congratulations! You may be blossoming into a conniving, backstabbing antagonist who will stop at nothing to get what you want! If that is the case, we have a slew of juicy stories sure to tickle you pink. Have a look below for some inspirational stories sure to shock, amaze, and surprise even the most jaded villains.

37. When Your Best Friend Steals The Love Of Your Life, You To Have Make An Appearance


“I had fallen in love for the first time. I was head over heels for him, deeply crazy in love. But at about the two-year point, he began acting distant and frankly, like an a-hole. Although he would not TALK about his feelings, he made it clear through his actions that he wanted out. I broke up with him. He actually gasped and smiled. I was devastated.

Six WEEKS later, I learn through a mutual friend that he has gotten engaged – to one of my closest girlfriends.

“V” and I had grown up together since we were five years old. She was one of the friends I had obviously been confiding in and crying to since the breakup. I was floored and my heart broke at an even deeper level.

About a year passed and I did my best to move on, avoiding contact with both of them and many of our mutual friends. Two weeks before their wedding, I get an out-of-the-blue message from V on my answering machine that I better not show up to her wedding or she will have me arrested. I found this comical and knew it was the result of a funny conversation I recently had at a party where I expressed my fantasy of being that person who “objects” to a union at their ceremony.

I called her back, and assured her I would not be there and to have a lovely day, bee with an itch!

One week before the wedding, the local animal control officer shows up at my home, expressing they had an anonymous tip that I was abusing my pets. At the time, I was running an all-volunteer animal rescue and was well known in the community and local press.
The ACO inspected the fat, happy and healthy animals and made the comment that although she could not tell me the name of the person who called in,  the caller ‘appeared to know me very well.’ We talked later, after I racked my brain about who the caller could have been, and I suggested it was V.

Maybe V was thinking she could get me tossed in jail perhaps? The officer did not disagree.

The animal control officer commented just how serious the complaint could have been had she not known who I was. Putting my pets and my foster animals at risk was completely unacceptable.

Although my conversation to go to V’s wedding was a total joke, now, my mind was made up.

On the day of V’s wedding, her ex-boyfriend (the guy she was dating when she got engaged, yes, she had a bf at the time) and my best friend got in the car and drove the two hours to the wedding. I had lost weight since the break up (yes, still heartbroken) and honestly: I was dressed up and looked smoking hot.


So ten minutes before the ceremony, I walked in. Alone. Between the 25lb weight loss and new hair color and style, I was shocked that V’s mother recognized me.
I sat down next to her and she apologized for her daughter, but also stated how angry V would be that I was there. I had grown up spending a lot of time in her home and did not want to disrespect her mom. So I walked outside to the garden and sat down on a bench that overlooked the entire facility.

Police were called. I was escorted off the premises and went to lunch with my friends. We ate, we drank, we laughed. Several days later I was served a restraining order. V had spent her 3-day honeymoon back and forth at the police station to have the restraining order written!? The order was based on lies and tossed out of court by a judge.

They divorced three years later.

To date, this is the only mean and vindictive thing I have ever done. Honestly, it was my proudest moment. I’m not one to stand up against those who hurt me.” Source

36. This Boss Wanted Her Employees To Backstab Each Other, But They Were Smarter Than He6


“Before I switched jobs there was a lead sales position open at my work that would have meant higher sales goals, but also lots more money and better flexibility.
There were only two people in my branch that qualified, myself and another guy we’ll call Frank.

Frank and I were (and still are) really good friends, to the point that he is like a little brother to me. Note to future managers of the world: watch what you say to your employees about other employees.

Frank and I played it close, and nobody realized what good friends we actually were. For the exact reason to come.

One day the regional supervisor shows up. Everyone groaned when we saw her pull into the parking lot because this woman is a fully loaded, 0% APR, four-door bee with an itch. She comes in, makes her rounds to ensure we are all properly terrified of her presence, then calls me to the conference room.

‘(my name), as you know, there’s a Sales Lead position open and you and Frank are the only qualified employees. I wanted to talk with you because I need to know if you’re interested before we look for someone outside the company.’

‘Um, what about Frank?’

‘Oh, I have no intention of even offering this job to Frank.

I don’t much care for him and he won’t do well in the position. It’s yours if you want it.’

I tell her I’ll think about it, we chat about other unrelated work topics, and I leave.
She follows me out the door and calls Frank in to chat. They talk, she leaves.

After she left, Frank and I stepped outside for a smoke break. The first thing he asks me, ‘What did she have to say?’

Turned out, she told Frank the exact same thing she told me, word for word outside switching names. Verbatim. Didn’t even change up the script. I called her the next morning and turned down the position. When she asked why, I told her it was because I felt like the job would require me to do some douchey and backstabby things to my friends and that I just couldn’t be that sort of person.

She got the hint.” Beardsforever

35. Post A Terrible Video Of Me? I’ll “Sprinkle” Your Car


“I was 17 and my best friend, who is now my ex-best friend, posted a video (an embarrassing video) of me on the school blog. I got extremely mad at her.

I couldn’t do anything too bad because my parents were friends with her parents and I could possibly get grounded. I absolutely despise getting grounded, like any other normal teen.

Anyway, I finally had an idea, it was pretty harmless yet extremely effective. I put a package filled with glitter and stuffed it inside her car because she had given me the keys just the day before.
She was and still is a very proud and arrogant person. Meaning that she always thought that she was in charge of the whole world (when she isn’t and I hope to god never will be).

She opened the package and out popped glitter, exploding all over her face and her entire car. The prank was absolutely harmless, but it’s horribly hard to get the glitter out of your hair.

She came up to me in the hallway and confronted me. I told her that I didn’t do anything and she started to punch me. I was about to punch back, but then I saw the principal staring at us and decided not to do anything and let her punch me.

Just before she was about to give me a bloody nose or something the principal came in and started scolding her and telling her that violence was wrong and is NEVER justified.

By now the bell had rung, but everyone was still outside, eager to see what was going to happen.

The principal not only humiliated her in front of everyone, but she also got a 1-week suspension.

After the end of this, I was very proud of myself and continued on with my normal life.
She didn’t talk to me and I didn’t talk to her.” Source

34. Eat My Food Behind My Back? I’ll Leave You An Extra Special Dish


“In college, I shared a three-bedroom house with two other people, who over time were not always the same two. One housemate was a female (I’m a guy) who I’ll call Beau. She was a spoiled little rich girl but seemed pretty nice most of the time. We had two refrigerators in the kitchen, one large one that was originally in the house and we all had shared, and a small older one that a friend gave me before he moved away, which became exclusively for my use while my space in the larger fridge then became available to the other housemates.


Even though the house was in a nice neighborhood just across the street from the backside of the University President’s mansion, it was pretty woodsy and we did occasionally have a rat problem with them getting into the house, which I solved with rat traps. The regular kind that looked like large mousetraps. One time I caught two rats simultaneously in one trap which seemed so unusual that I wanted to show them to my other two housemates, but Beau was so horrified and disgusted that she refused to even look at them and ran from the room to be away from two dead rats hanging from the trap I was holding out.
Hers was not any kind of aversion on the basis of thinking it was animal cruelty or anything like that, this was before PETA and while I was already a vegetarian mainly for those kinds of reasons it would still be a few years before I would even meet another vegetarian, so that’s how far back we’re talking, mid to late 70s.

I didn’t enjoy killing the rats, but there was no other effective way of dealing with them so I did what I had to do. Beau was just a squeamish little drama queen who felt she had to make a big show about how disgusted she was by the thought of being anywhere near a dead rat.

Fast forward a few weeks or months, I don’t remember exactly, and I eventually became aware that Beau was stealing my food! We didn’t normally share food in the house but each bought and made our own. If she had asked nicely I’d have readily shared with her or if she was obviously starving I’d have offered, but like I said she was a spoiled little rich girl with plenty of money to get her own food (which she did), and she never once asked for any of mine.

One time I remember I had just made a plate of steamed fresh vegetables with melted cheese and soy sauce on it (yum) and out of the corner of my eye I watched Beau stab a nice cheesy Brussel’s Sprout off my plate with a fork and pop it into her mouth. She didn’t realize I had seen her do that, but for the next few minutes I gained some delightful schadenfreude at her expense by talking to her while looking right at her, and she had a very difficult time trying to reply meaningfully with a whole Brussel’s Sprout still in her mouth. I knew what she’d done and it was kind of trivial so I didn’t blow up about it or anything like that, but that incident alerted me to how stealing my food was kind of a game to Beau like she thought I was stupid compared to her cleverness and that I would never figure her out.

She kinda had that kind of personality, and even though she had plenty of her own food I guess she enjoyed getting into mine. I used to buy some pretty nice cheeses, maybe that was a big draw for her.
So I started paying closer attention to my food and marking bottles and things like that once I caught on that Beau was the kind of person who’d steal from her housemates. Soon enough I began to notice telltale signs that she had gone through my fridge while I wasn’t home, taking little nibbles and shavings from anything she could. The cheese especially was obvious that she’d cut pieces off because she’d do it in sloppy ways that I never would. I thought about putting a padlock on my refrigerator but felt that was not something I should ever have to do, and I didn’t want to raise the issue to a level of confrontation with Beau, preferring to remain on otherwise good terms with her.

If I’m going to wreck a relationship with someone I share a house with, it has to be for a lot more important reason.

Then one day we got some more rats in the house (it would be a while before I would discover their entry hole behind the big refrigerator, looking exactly like the upside-down U you see in old comic strips), and I caught one in a rat trap when I was the only person home.
Suddenly, inspiration came to me, and I wrapped the dead rat in the smallest piece of aluminum foil that would just barely cover him up in one layer, with only maybe 1/8″ of overlapping seam at the most. Then I placed that assembly into a small plastic Baggie with a rubber band around it, with a single hair under the rubber band so I could easily tell if my little dead rat package had been opened.

You can probably tell where this story is going but I’ll finish it anyway, and I didn’t even need the hair to tell me the package had been opened. It was only the second day after I had left it on the bottom shelf of my refrigerator that I came home from school and saw that the aluminum foil was all crinkled up and the baggie wasn’t wrapped smoothly around it anymore. I only wish I could have been a fly on the wall watching Beau gagging in revulsion and suppressing the urge to barf as she rewrapped the package, especially because it required a lot of handling to get the skimpy piece of aluminum foil to cover up the dead rat completely.

Even after all these years I still get a belly laugh once in a while when I think about the discomfort level my thieving food mooch housemate must have experienced, oh she was such the entitled little princess! For a while afterward, I would put a secret detective hair under the gasket of my refrigerator before going to school in the morning, but it was never disturbed and my cheese never got chopped on in funny ways again either, so I knew Beau learned her lesson and stayed out of my refrigerator.
She never said anything about the incident and neither did I, but she found another place to live within a couple of months.

It was nice to see her go.” Source

33. She Was Pregnant And Dire Straights And Still Took Advantage Of Another Person’s Kindness


“I met this girl who was a friend of a friend, seemed like a sweet girl, a few years younger than me.

We ended up becoming friends. It turned out she was pregnant and in a terrible living situation.

Terrible as in cockroaches were trying to eat her at night in her bed bad. No way I could let her stay there, let alone bring a newborn there, so we made a deal. I needed someone to watch my kids while I was at work, keep the house picked up, make sure the kids were fed, etc. She came to live with me and my two kids with the understanding that she would take care of the kids and the house while my significant other and I were working full time.

I bought everything the baby needed, was there when he was born, helped teach her how to take care of him, got her clothes and everything she needed.

Far above and beyond our deal.
It wasn’t long at all before she wasn’t doing any of the things she was supposed to. She’d cook for herself and leave my kids to fend for themselves while she laid in her room and watched Netflix. She’d trash the house and never clean it. I, of course, got sick of it and gave her a month and a half notice to find a job, somewhere else to live, and get out.

Needless to say, she never bothered to look for a job. She seemed surprised when I did indeed kick her butt out right before Christmas (which I had bought her kid presents for). She ended up going to stay with her grandparents.

Almost six months later, after refusing to talk to me all that time, she got ahold of me to tell me to gather up her things because she was going to have a couple of men I’d never met come to my house and get them.

Girl, what things!? Aside from your clothes, that you took with you, and the baby things that I BOUGHT for your kid that you also took with you, you don’t have anything! Anything that could have possibly been hers was long gone, my home is not a storage locker.
She blocked me on everything and bad mouthed me to a few people but everyone was already aware of how worthless she was so, I think I’m still a little bitter.” ViralFirefly

32. He Trusted His Family And In The End, His Father Kicked Him To The Curb

Siavash Ghanbari

“I was ‘hired’ at age 12 to start work in the family business. I worked my way up from doing basically coffee runs to knowing more than all the guys I worked with.

I trained people who would then be paid double my salary because ‘Someday all this will be yours and this is what they call – paying your dues,’ my dad said.

I worked every day after school, I worked on the weekends, I never had a summer off, never had a full Christmas or any other holiday. I was told to work hard and someday…

I wanted to go to University, and although I was told it would be covered, silly me I must have misread the bulletin. There was no cash for me to go. But dad somehow was able to go big-game hunting in Africa for the third time the next year and put a massive addition on his home…

But that was ok, I still could work full time the day after high school graduation.

Work I did, overtime was not given, that was for the employees, not the future owner. I improved systems, increased sales, handled the entire place when dad would go hunting, fishing, traveling or those numerous business meetings that smelled of fancy drinks and smoke afterward but that was ok, I was earning my right to the business. Work hard and soon became the motto…

Twenty years go by, I am 32 at the time and its darn well time to take over the business and he knows it. I was underpaid for 20 years, never had a real holiday, gave up university, sacrificed pretty well everything and it was time…

So, dad decided that weekend to talk to the competition and he sells the business to them.

Within two weeks, I was unemployed. He tells me though that he put in a good word in with the new owners and said I would still have a job. Then he paid me to the exact penny, by law, what he owed me and complained it sure was a lot of money!

Every time I bring it up he tells me ‘You were lucky to have a job! What are you complaining about all the time?’ Oh, and the new owners never heard a word about hiring me, they had enough people it seems.” calzenn

31. Lie To Me And Break My Heart? I’ll Just Live My Life Awesome


“This happened 6 years ago, but I was thinking about it yesterday and decided to write it now.

So once upon a time, I was married. It was a good relationship for the most part. Good communication and seldom any arguing. Over time my wife meets a guy, let’s call him Dan. Dan, on the surface, seemed like a cool dude. He and my wife worked together and seemed very close. I didn’t really care, they were co-workers. Everybody has that co-worker they’re close to, right?

Over time, I sense that Dan and my wife are getting too close. She texted him constantly and I started getting suspicious, but I didn’t want to say anything because I didn’t want to come off as jealous. One night I snooped through her phone and found some explicit texts she sent to Dan.

It basically confirmed that a) she was cheating on me, and b) she wanted to leave me for him.

Even though I was upset off that she cheated on me, I also wanted to get out of this marriage ASAP. The next day I sat her down and told her I knew everything. There were a lot of tears on both sides and denying on her side but she finally confessed her affair. She basically told me that she loves him and not me.
We agreed that we would get divorced amicably. No alimony and whatever was ours before the marriage is ours after it. It was a very quick divorce.

Now, as much as I wanted to kick the crap out of Dan, I didn’t want to risk going to jail.

At this point, they were in a relationship living together. Considering she has known him for less than a year at that point, I knew things were going to end badly.

A couple of months after the divorce I moved to the west coast. I had no communication with my ex from then until a month ago. She messaged me on Facebook and told me she was sorry for how she treated me and that she’s miserable and misses me. I decided to look through her profile. She’s married to Dan, has 3 kids with him and they’re both horrendously fat. Apparently soon after they moved in together she became pregnant with his kid. She had to quit her job because of the pregnancy and since then hasn’t had a job.

They got married while she was still pregnant and had 2 more kids. They’re living off food stamps and government aid too.

At that point, I felt vindicated.
I wanted to get revenge on her and Dan for so long. To see they messed up their own lives so bad was good enough.” youcanhaveher

Another User Comments:
“Play the oblivious cheerful friend role and tell her You’re surprised she messaged you but that she looks so happy and has a wonderful family and that she must be having the time of her life! You’re glad it’s working out for her! You’re glad that the two of you were able to find happiness after the divorce. Yay!” Boating_Enthusiast

30. He Cheated While I Spent Two Years Taking Care Of Legal Affairs And He Got Me Arrested


“I was in a relationship, I was actually engaged to this person.

Our relationship was completely unhealthy, but how it ended is something remarkable.

About a year after we met, he had hit a rough patch and had been sued for several million dollars. He ran his own business, and I worked for him. I couldn’t stand to see him go through this, so I did what I had to and volunteered to help him any way I could. I had a little experience with the litigation process as I had been sued before. I told him not to worry.
I read through the complaint and discovered at its root was an accounting issue. So over the next two years of complete hell, I managed to scrape together the accounting for over 30 million dollars of business, because he couldn’t afford a forensic accountant.

During this time I was actually dragged into the lawsuit just for trying to help him. I also began running his business, and managing his properties, and essentially became so ingrained in this person’s affairs, it was making me miserable. I had to borrow money in order to pay his bills, and the whole time I was working for free, because whenever I mentioned being compensated he would lose his mind, and say that I am only with him for the money (Which doesn’t make sense because he doesn’t have any money).

When I threatened to leave for good, he finally agreed to give me 10% of whatever he won or settled for in the suit. I was doing 100% of the work because he was “overwhelmed” by the whole process.

This means I dealt with the attorneys almost exclusively. So I worked even harder because 10% of nothing is nothing, and I needed to be compensated. I finally finished everything that was required for discovery, which to give you an idea of the volume of work I had to accomplish, was 40,000 physical documents, and 19TB of electronic discovery.
This is while I managed his business as well.

We had three days to go before our first settlement conference which was on a Wednesday. He had gone out on Saturday night with a gentleman and did not return until Sunday morning. I was so incredibly busy I did not have time to fight with him so I shrugged it off. He supposedly never cheated on me, and I had to take his word for it for now.

However, he invited this same guy to our house that same night, and they both asked me if he could sleep on the couch because he was kicked out of his old apartment conveniently that night as well. I was so incredibly shocked and appalled my heart just sank to the pit of my stomach. I reluctantly said yes, because I am not a monster, and I only needed to hold out until Wednesday to see if all my work was going to pay off.

So the next morning, I had to meet the attorneys for 8 hours. My fiancee couldn’t come because he had to work if I wasn’t going to be there. While on break I call him to give him an update on HIS lawsuit, and I find out that not only is he not at work, he’s treating our new “roommate” to a posh lunch, and some day-drinking.

Completely infuriating. Again I told my self to be patient.

The next day is the day before the settlement conference we had waited a year for. I am again in the attorney’s office all day and again, my fiancee and his new “friend” are treating themselves with a mani-pedi and some day drinking, when this butthole is supposed to be at work. That night I calmly told him and his buddy, that this behavior is completely juvenile and offensive. That I am not going to be working on his lawsuit if he doesn’t even care enough to go to work. Money was so tight, that we hadn’t gone out for something nice to eat in a long time, and I was hurt that they would have fun without me.

The big day has finally arrived. We barely make it to the magistrate’s courtroom, and for the first time, I get to meet the lawyers and the plaintiff that have been making MY life miserable for the past two years. After about two hours, it is obvious that this case is not going to settle anytime soon. So we make our way back home.

I wanted to treat myself since my fiancee had taken so many liberties in the past few days.
I bought some concert tickets, enough for my fiancee and even my new roommate to go (I didn’t want to leave them alone together). I surprised them both and said it was going to be great (It was Catpower) low key, good music, lounge-type atmosphere.

My fiancee tells me that he HATES concerts, and does not want to go. This is news to me. It is so completely obvious what (who) he wants to do instead. So I call my brother and we go ourselves.

The concert was amazing, but I finally cracked. Sobbing, I confessed to my brother what was going on and he was angry. He had known all of the horrible things this guy had put me through before, and I mean they were horrible, but this took the cake because it was so brazen. We left the concert early and I asked him to come to the house with me to have a drink before he went home.

When we arrived in the apartment, there was my fiancee, the new roommate, and FIVE of his friends, all doing illegal substances off the kitchen table.

I was shaking I was so mad. I was so mad that I quietly asked everyone to leave.
I told the roommate that this was my house as it much as it was my fiancees and that bringing complete strangers in to do illegal substances on the same day we were in Federal Court, was completely disrespectful. He explained that they were just here for a minute before going to a CONCERT. I looked at my fiancee and asked if he was going too? Yes. Yes, he was. Alright then.

They shuffled out, and my brother looked at me in disbelief. I poured some wine and before we’d even taken a sip, my fiancee came back inside. Apparently, he had made keys for the new guy and needed to grab them.

My brother asked him “I thought you were going to the concert?” Then all pandemonium broke loose.

My fiancee in his inebriated mind lunged across the room and began wailing and screaming on top of my brother. He fought back the best he could and I jumped over the table to break them up. I was between the two taking most of the punches trying to shove my fiancee out the door. In the hallway, he grabs an antique umbrella stand, lifts it over his head and tries to smash us with it.
It shatters on the ground, luckily it didn’t hit anyone, and my fiancee is now on the floor screaming at the top of his lungs, and my brother and I were just staring at him, the fight had stopped.

He continued to scream and scream and scream, and I begged him to stop. I pushed my brother back into the apartment, and as soon as I did, my fiancee jumped up and ran down the hall down the stairs and out the door. I told my brother to get his things, the police are coming, and he needs to get out of here. I walk with him downstairs, and my fiancee, my new roommate, and his five friends are barricading the door. So knowing the inevitable we just wait. Between the time the cops arrived and the fight, I saw the most disturbing thing happen while my fiancee was on the other side of that door. He pressed his bloody face against the window, and then proceeded to lick from the bottom to the top the stain he had made, and then drew his face into the most sinister smile.

He had planned this.

The cops arrived and I tell them that we need to feed the cats and get the apartment in order before we ALL go to jail.
Outside my fiancee is giving his statement, and so is the roommate and his buddies. When I come back downstairs, It was only me and my brother that was arrested. All those ashole’s corroborated with his story, and off we were to jail. I didn’t even get to make a statement!

We were jailed for the next 30 hours until finally, we went before a judge. My brother and I were given full restraining orders. What this means is that I went from a magistrate’s courtroom the day before, to being homeless and jobless.

I could no longer work on the lawsuit, work with the attorneys, or go home to my bed. But I guess that was the plan all along. I had to have a police escort to grab what little belongings I could. I told the police this story on the way there and they didn’t believe me until, they saw the “roommate” had moved from the couch, into my bed. He was standing there holding my cat, and glaring at me over my fiancee’s shoulder. I grabbed my wallet, some boots, my passport, and my computer. Other than the clothes on my back, that’s all I had left in the world now.
I went and slept on my brother’s floor for a few days until I got on a plane back to my hometown.

From what I hear when the attorneys call me for information on where things are, that the new boyfriend has completely usurped my job and my relationship. He’s handling the lawsuit now, and he even remarked how easy this was. (Yeah it’s really easy when all the effing work is done.) He’s also now working my job at my fiancee’s business too. And he’s getting paid! I thought we couldn’t afford to pay ourselves. I was so wrong. My friend saw this kid on the street, and he’s wearing a t-shirt she had bought me!. So now I am unemployed, I’ve wasted two years of my life when I could have been working on my career, and I’ve been completely replaced after all the work is done.

This was this awful man’s plan all along. I have no idea even where to begin picking up the pieces.” ooy_yoo

29. Feel Like Being An Egotistical Snob Everyday Of Your Life? Ok, I’ll “Just Send It”


“When I was younger, I got a really good job at a bank that required frequent reports to senior management.
These reports would take weeks of calculating data, doing complex statistics while waiting on the creative team to make infographics that would go into our presentation. The executive assistant to one of the directors would constantly criticize the work. She didn’t understand what it was, so she’d say that it was too abstract, too complex and of little merit. She’d derail meetings. She felt that between her college diploma, big bust line and well-done hair that she wasn’t an E/A but really an assistant executive and felt her opinion mattered.

Well, she envisioned herself as some sort of marketing guru and would constantly write copy for promotions. It was terrible. She knew a promotional campaign was coming up (not the kind of promotion you think, but still required marketing to disseminate a message). She knew who would be doing the promotion and got to that team and said that she would do it. Well, she “did” it alright. She threw in the wrong numbers and didn’t go to FP&A or Analytics for approval. Her copy was full of grammatical and information errors. I was supposed to read through her copy and fix her mistakes but she wrote a snarky line in the email about how I should just forward this on, so I did – replete with errors.

It went to creative, social and direct marketing. When everything was mocked-up, it went for a review & audit and the errors were caught. Directors went down the line to figure out exactly who messed up. They came to me and I showed the email from the executive assistant who named dropped a senior exec and told me to just forward it on.

Next day, I see her cleaning out her desk while I.T. was pulling her computer and taking her phone. She looks at me and says: ‘Why didn’t you do anything?’ and I just smiled.

She was young and thought she was brilliant. I could have easily put this onto the right channels and she’d probably still be an E/A at a bank, but she was terminated on the spot, for cause, and from what I hear, moved back in with her parents in a different region.

I feel bad because I let her get to me. She wanted to show how smart she was and I simply took an easy shot at her.” (deleted)

28. Want To Cheat? Better Not Leave The Keys To Your Porsche Laying Around


“I was in a relationship with Dan for nine years. He was a jazz piano musician and toured with some interesting people.
I frequently went with him to the more interesting places, Japan, NYC, Australia, but got bored with sitting in bars when he worked there. About 7 years into the relationship, I think he got the itch. I told him if he started cheating around on me it would soon be over. I started hearing, “You’ve lost that loving feeling” in my sleep and all my senses said something had changed.

It actually started shortly after he bought a “starter Porsche ” after a successful tour.

I hated that car. First, I drove a full-size van and it scared me to be sitting on the ground looking at people’s tires. He took care of that car like a new love. I suppose after a while I knew, and all I had to do was wait until he drank himself into a sleepy stupor and I got his wallet out of his pants. I went to another room and started looking through it. A folded piece of paper with girl’s names and phone numbers. Do you think I am stupid?

So I told him it’s time to move on and he did. I was devastated but knew it was for the best.

Dan was 8 1/2 years younger than me and though I liked having a cute stud-muffin, I hated raising a man-puppy and frequently paying for the privilege when he was between gigs.
The new girl/girls can feed him and do his laundry. I loved him, but sometimes love isn’t enough, particularly when it’s one-sided.

After the breakup and he had moved out, I found the Porsche spare keys in a drawer. Dan had moved up the street from me so I thought about a dead fish in the car when he went on tour. Shrimp maybe? Limburger cheese and a bottle of milk? Then it dawned on me. I made a sign, “FREE PORSCHE” and got on the subway to downtown Atlanta Five Points Station.

I attached the keys to the sign and placed it in a prominent place leaning on a post where thousands of departing riders wouldn’t miss it.


Come and get it!

#XXPeachtree Rd

Parking space # xxx

I stood behind another post watching people stop, pick up the sign, fondle the Keys, sheepishly look around and shake their head and put it back down. It’s like they didn’t believe it. They would get their friends and show them. I laughed so hard watching this I peed my pants. The baggy pants guys thought it was a setup. No takers out of hundreds of people while I was there. I got on the train and went home.
Slept great and still laugh when I remember everyone who was too chicken to take the keys.” Source

27. Her Plan Turned Into A Reality Without Her Even Knowing

Bich Tran

“In fourth grade, my school had this huge book sale and one of my friends bought this super sparkly, obnoxious multicolored diary.

We all thought it was perfect – we all wanted one. Another friend of ours had been really driving me crazy all week, told me I wasn’t pretty enough to be Belle when we played princesses, crap like that. Diary girl and mean girl were best friends.

I went to the diary girl’s locker to move the diary to mean girl’s locker to frame her for stealing it, but couldn’t find it. Diary friend caught me there and I said I just wanted to see it because it was so pretty. So she was like yeah sure, you can see it, but when she opened her locker she couldn’t find it either. I decided to stick to the plan and blame mean girl for stealing it.

I got in SO much trouble for starting rumors and got lectured by our teacher in front of my entire class.

Then my teacher actually caught mean girl with the diary… it turns out she had actually stolen it.
It was a really weird turn of events.” TheLasagna_isOK

26. Back Then, Online Dating Was A Cut-Throat World!

Steinar Engeland

“To preface: I was 13 at the time so keep this in mind.

I had a group of friends in an AOL chat. The story is about two people: let’s call them Maddy and John. I really liked John and had a big crush on him. One day, Maddy and I were chatting and she said that John was flirting with her so she wanted to ask him out because she never had a boyfriend before.

I was devastated.

A few days later, John messaged me and asked why I have been ignoring him. I explained that I told Maddy I was going to ask you out (lie) but she beat me to it to see if she could get you to say yes first (lie) because she was mad at me for something (lie).

He believed me, dumped her, and we dated for 8 years.


I’m not sure what happened to Maddy. We all stayed in touch maybe a year or two after this, and she had another boyfriend, but I was a 13-year-old jerk.” autumnx

25. Getting Back At This Rude Girl Was As Easy As Obtaining Some Tape, Paper, And A Marker


“A girl who sat in front of me in high school was very obese.

She turned around and said something nasty to me…

I was a wannabe class clown and I was being obnoxious before the start of class. She turned around and told me to, ‘shut up, you’re so annoying’ -rolls eyes, snarls-. Looking back, I probably WAS really annoying…

So, I put a few pieces of tape on a sheet of paper, did the ol’ pat your back with a distracting comment…She walked around the rest of the day with a, ‘WIDE LOAD’ sign stuck to her back. I regretted it when I realized how many people were laughing at her all day.

She never found out it was me and I never told her because I was afraid of what the emotional response would be from either of us.

The rest of the school year, I tried to make up for my wrongdoing by doing nonchalant, nice deeds, ie offering to sharpen her pencil when I got up to sharpen mine (the year was 2002), offering her gum, offering to turn her assignment in at the front of the class when I did, smiled at her, would ask about her day and engage in short conversation; things of that nature.” some_no_name

24. The Company Stabbed Her in The Back Only To Replace Her With A Younger Woman

Christina Morillo

“We had the most amazing secretary.
She’d do anything for anyone. She would always bake cupcakes for someone’s birthday and bring them to their desk on their birthday.

She’d have headache tablets, chocolates, mints at her desk, and would always take time out to talk to you if you had a grievance with someone or something and it would NEVER go further than her.

She’d leave little notes with your paperwork with cute smiley faces and would go the extra mile when making friends with new employees. Every client we had would always say how amazing she was and we’d all agree, she was a wonderful person.

Head Office fired her for a younger, prettier, thin model who one of them was sleeping with.” Newhomeworld

Another User Comments:

“Strange. This actually reminded me of a tale of great loyalty.

A friend works for a firm which has a middle-aged secretary. She would bring cakes and pastries into the office every morning that she had baked the night before.

The friend asks the boss if she was holding a charity event. Boss says that she has dementia, and thinks that it is her own birthday every day.

However, as she had been with the (very large) company for 20 years, no one had the heart to fire her.” EnglishSensibilities

23. The Company That Backstabbed Not One, But Two Employees, Will Regret It In The Future


“In February, a new maintenance tech was hired for my properties.
He’s a good guy, shows up early, gets everything done. I would frequently catch him skipping lunch to get more work done and tell him to go take his full hour. I’d go fetch him a burrito, or if he wasn’t hungry, tell him to take a nap in his truck. He’s got three kids and he’s always on call for maintenance emergencies.

He comes in one day and asks me to show him his timesheet, which I fill out and sign.

I pull it out, worried I’d made some mistake. We compare it to his paystub – he was underpaid by over 16 hours, in addition to seven hours of overtime he never got anything for. This overtime had been pre-approved by corporate.

I call corporate, he calls corporate, we all call everybody trying to get this fixed – and people just pass us off to the next guy and the next guy. My maintenance guy comes in early one morning – catching me working early too – and says nervously that he thinks he knows why they aren’t paying him right. He’d let them know his green card was about to expire and he’d need sponsorship (or something, I don’t know how the process works) to renew it.

He said after that they stopped paying him in full. They tried to make him sign a retroactive salary agreement that would cut off all the earnings above.

I drove to corporate to get this sorted once and for all and spoke to the person who was supposedly in charge of maintenance’s paychecks – my boss’s assistant. I laid out what was going on and that this couldn’t be extended any longer, she needed to call maintenance right now and get it fixed right now. She promised she would.

Weeks later, maintenance has called her every day with no response. I met with my boss and brought up this issue, insisting he be paid. My boss wasn’t the least bit interested in getting him paid, but laid out how it’s my responsibility and my fault and if he takes the company to court it’s me who will be in trouble.

I told her how I’d submitted the correct timesheet, on time, and the pay didn’t match. I told her about the daily phone calls. I called in her assistant – who entered, pale as snow, and stuttered that she’d never heard anything about it. My boss declined to pay the maintenance tech, stating it was my problem now.
I have no ability to pay anyone – I’m not in charge of payroll, I don’t even get petty cash. Apparently I was going to be used as their liability sink after they refused to pay an employee.

That’s when I quit. Two days ago. They said for my final month’s pay they’re sending me a check for $6.67.” Amesly

Another User Comments:

“Also there is a ton of attorneys that will file a civil case.

They love this stuff cause it’s a pretty open and shut straightforward case and they usually get attorney’s fees if they win since its civil rights. Also just tell them you’ll report them to the IRS because they are also not paying the correct amount of employment tax.

It’s a lot of PI attorneys bread and butter.” aceofspades1217

22. Turning Your Back On Family Sends Shockwaves For Years: This Guy Learned The Hard Way


“My grandparents weren’t very well off, so I just barely managed to get my dad into college. Dad studied hard through college and managed to start his own business coming out of it.

Dad has a brother that’s 10 years younger, so he was just barely out of school when dad was semi-successful.

My dad, being the good brother that he was, paid for my uncle’s college, as well as making him a partner of the company once he graduated.
Everything worked out well, then fast forward 10 years, the business isn’t doing that well anymore. They were at the stage of finalizing the closing down of the business. The plan was to sell off any of the equipment they have onsite, split the money and off they would go on their own ventures. A week before everything was finalized, my uncle sold everything to another buyer he had been talking with, took all the money and disappeared, never to be seen again.

This happened about 12 years ago, dad is still in debt, and I’m helping with what I can when I can.

It affected us pretty badly as a family, but we’re slowly getting there. Such is life.” patpoh

Another User Comments:

“This seems like the worst to me since that is his own brother who did it, not just some random boss. That’s messed up man. Good for you though with helping him out. You seem like a great son/daughter.” crazed3raser

21. After Watching An Innocent Get Fired, He Quit And Watched The Company Crumble


“I was a middle manager at a furniture store. One of our employees became pregnant, and since we were kind of small, she was concerned when her time came.
We had enough people to cover easily, so our DM told her to take all the time she needed.

She had some complications that resulted in her needing to take about two months off.

She was ready to come back to work, called us up, said district manager (my direct boss) told her to come in with a doctor’s note and to make sure she had filled out all the paperwork required, etc.

On her first day back, the district manager pretended to be shocked that she was there and asked her ‘What are you doing here? You don’t work here anymore.’ He refused to answer her questions as to what happened and told her to leave the store immediately. I was working at a different store when she called me up in tears.

I was the de-facto IT guy, since our manager was an idiot, and I got into his company email account. He had fired her two weeks into her maternity leave, claiming ‘undue hardship’ since we were too small to fall under the Family Leave Act rules.

It has a happy ending though. I closed down the store I was at and drove to the DM’s to personally hand him my keys and quit on the spot.
The look on his face was priceless. I also helped the new mom get unemployment by writing to the review board for her case.

I was the top salesman they had by far. Three months after I left, the company folded and that DM was out of a job.”kusanagisan

20. This Employee Was Canned Even Though They Were Part Of Its Great Success

“A year ago I started a wholesale company with my ‘best friend’ while I was working for him at his retail brick and mortar shop at the same time.

We started off venturing into shops making sales and picking up accounts.

We then began doing trade shows where we started landing distribution deals.

I then started running Instagram marketing campaigns that were viewed by over half a million industry consumers and leaders. My campaign got us connected to distributors and retailers around the world. We somehow managed to become an international business overnight. Our products were being sold in countries like Malaysia, United Kingdom, Kuwait, Guam, Canada and still growing very fast domestically. Our sales were tripling every month and we were on track to clear $300,000 at the end of this year. We had three brands on the market. I was running all three Instagram pages, all three emails, doing the logistics of operations, filling orders, accounting, etc etc.
About two weeks ago I got fired from my job (he said it was my work ethic) even though I was his number two.

The best, most efficient and most trustworthy employee he had. He then split the company in half 50/50. He had leverage to do this because the things he created were his and the brands I created were mine.

Four days after the split… the half of the company he got, got a 3000 unit order which adds up to be about $25,000. The people he got that order from were the accounts we got from my marketing campaign on Instagram. Throughout last week that same brand he got started getting a lot of orders from the United Kingdom… (from all of the leads that I had been working on via Insta and FB).

I have never ever been so used, so backstabbed, so messed over in my life.

Although I didn’t get the money and the satisfaction of the first company being so successful, I’ve taken the past but of time to really see life from a new perspective. I’m finishing my last two years in college obtaining my logistics degree, also studying business law so I know how to better protect myself.
And so this will never EVER happen again.” elightened

19. This Nurse Did Not Allow Another Nurse’s Scheming Ways To Ruin Their Career


“My work best friend, another nurse, tried to get me fired for not finishing a routine, non-essential nursing task while I was short-staffed and training a new nurse one day (and taking care of patients, charting, answering phone calls, calling in med refills, etc) at a busy inner-city clinic.

He was depressed and miserable, a serial job-hopper, and went directly to our manager to ‘tell’ on me for not getting this done… I honestly can’t remember what it was, maybe not calling a couple of patients back that day for non-emergent situations.

I got called into the medical director and nurse manager’s office, where they sat expectantly waiting for some sort of ‘confession’. I simply said, ‘I’m sorry, I prioritized and triaged the essential and non-essential duties yesterday because we were busy and I was training the new nurse.’ The ‘best friend’ ended up leaving that job within a few weeks and has since had at least 10 other jobs in 10 years. He’s also a serial Facebook profile deleter and returner.

That’s not an extreme example, but I do think that sort of back-stabbing happens all the time in the professional world.
Lots of people will gladly knock their peers down a notch if it means making themselves look better to management.” [deleted]

18. Backstabbing His Girlfriend Affected Him More Than It Affected Her In The Long Run


“I was with my girlfriend for 11 years and this hot girl started working in my office. We ended up hitting it off really well and after a few months there and in a night out with work, we hooked up.

This went on for about six to seven months and she had a boyfriend too. We ended up stopping everything and I helped her get a job in another company.

She’s still with her boyfriend.

I ended up breaking up with my girlfriend because I felt guilty about what had happened and knew I didn’t love her. I ended the relationship with her and came out of it looking really nice (made it that I felt not wanting to get married/have kids were stopping her from being happy and I wanted her to have happiness). Her family still thinks I’m great, we are still good friends and we both have new partners.

I feel bad because I can never tell her what I did but also I’m with my current girlfriend for about four years now and while I love her, if we broke up it wouldn’t faze me.
Knowing that a relationship I ended after 11 years was no problem for me has kept me feeling pretty emotionless about people in general.” throwawayhonestjay

17. This Woman Endured Public and Professional Humiliation For An Underserving Company

Andrea Piacquadio

“I witnessed a legit Stanley Tucci in ‘Devil Wears Prada’ moment.

A woman I assisted at a big corporate publishing company was crazy-passionate, cares-too-much, works 60-hrs-a-week, crap personal life, literally LIVES for the job, yet incredibly, incredibly under-appreciated and under-valued. She realizes this and is willingly poached for another (better) job at a direct competitor. Well, the execs convince her to stay by promising an amazing promotion after the end of the fiscal year. Well, the year ends and announcement/awards luncheon comes and… the amazing promotion is handed to someone else, someone we all think is much less deserving, who received it for purely political reasons.

I have never seen, and I will NEVER forget seeing, a face react the way her face did. Shock, disappointment, sadness, shame, embarrassment, anger, resignation, pride, calm, congratulations… all in about 1.5 seconds.

Thankfully she left  just a few months later.” FuturePiePants

Another User Comments:

“Generally if someone devalues you and management stays the same they will keep devaluing you. Especially if it’s a bigger company.
Also, who counters poaching with ‘we will give you an undisclosed raise in X weeks/months’. No. They do it RIGHT AWAY.” LoneCookie

16. They Learned The Hard Way To Always Get Contracts In Writing


“This happened to me: I was offered a job as an executive assistant for a top producer in real estate. I had just gotten my license and he would be my mentor. For 5 months, I brought him at least 2 deals a month and I was to be paid a monthly salary and commission. We only had an oral contract at the time (my mistake, I was very new).

The commission was based on the sales price and net profit, I was to get 25% of the commission and he would keep the rest.

For months, I brought him listings at 6% And 7% before any of them closed I kept asking him for a physical contract; something in writing. He would always have excuses, but finally, when he presented me with an actual contract the terms were changed. Instead of getting 25% of the net commission, he changed it to 25% of the net up to 5% meaning there was 2% completely untaxed by me that he got to keep.
Some of our deals were double-ended so this was a difference of thousands of dollars.

I quit but he still owes me money.” IsoMatrix_007

15. This Doctor Rattled An Unhappy Marriage Into A Whole Other Level

Priscilla Du Preez

“I have a little issue when I drink.

My friends like to call me ‘The Doctor’ because when I’m under the influence, I like to evaluate people on their life problems and give them my opinion. This is typically unasked for and I have absolutely no psychological training whatsoever aside from a psych 1 class in college. My friends find this hysterical (when it’s not one of them) and although I’ve done this to many people, many times, one time in particular sticks out.

See, I was in a sorority, and one of my sisters was getting married. The wedding ended at 8:00 pm and I live less than 10 minutes from the venue. Already toasted on free drinks, I invited everyone over to my place for some after-party fun.

The problem I didn’t foresee is Brenda and her awful husband joining us.

Brenda was also in our sorority, but she had lost her marbles a few years earlier and was known to be a nutcase, even without being under the influence.
She once almost started a fight with some girls who were blowing bubbles at a park. Her husband is a whole other level of jerk though. Chris is a cop, but he’s an a-hole cop. He pulls girls over to hit on them, has tried to frame someone for having illegal substances on their person (he was unsuccessful and told us about it), and is just an overall racist that loves to tell us about arresting people of color.

These two lovely people met while we were in college, got married in six months of knowing each other and then got pregnant four months after that.

I already don’t like these people, but I gave a blanket invitation and at the time I was too polite to shun anyone. So they come to the house, and after about three hours, Brenda has two arguments that nearly ended in a fistfight, and Chris punches a hole in my wall after losing a game of ping pong to me and a friend. This effectively puts me out of the party mood so I start giving people the signal I’m ready for bed. Brenda and Chris are not understanding why everyone is leaving and I’m cleaning up.
Brenda and Chris had a babysitter for their 3-month-old, and they could not fathom why we were not wanting to be out any more.

It was only 11 but we’d all been drinking since 4:00 pm (early weddings are fun) and seven hours of partying were enough for most of us. Not them though. Even an hour after everyone else had left, they were still taking shots and then yelling at one another for a few minutes before stepping outside for fresh air.

Annoyed, I stopped cleaning and sat down, and after a bit, they joined me. At this point, I’m beyond angry. Most of my friends left my house upset or annoyed, I have a frat house staple in one of my walls, and I was ready for bed. So when they started arguing again, I decided it was time to let loose.

Calmly, I start asking them about their relationship.

Brenda and Chris chatter about the day they met and how happy they were when they got married. I interjected with some comments about how marriages are usually happy but that over time they fizzle and go out because love changes and that’s normal. But a lot of the time that’s when people get pregnant because they have no other reason to stay together due to either rushing into things or they have fallen out of love.
Complete. Silence.

I go on to point out that they didn’t have their child with them and they fought all night, a night that should have been relaxing and romantic without a screaming child to deal with. And how come I hadn’t seen them even touch all night?

Brenda is now crying, but does that stop me? Nope.

Also, why was Chris slapping Samantha’s butt when they were winning flip cup – that’s kind of inappropriate, right? Oh and Brenda, I think you look amazing, a little weight on your bones really helps you fill out! (This was a low blow, but I wanted to shake her confidence and make him uneasy).

I then talk about how my current boyfriend and I never argue, and how happy we are with our gorgeous home and our sweet animals. We make each other happier and continue to lift up one another in an effort to better ourselves (most of this is nonsense, most people argue, it’s healthy).

Then I ask the big one: Aren’t you guys happy too? Especially with your baby – that must be such a miracle!

I am aware that not all relationships are the same, as well as the fact that some don’t like PDA.

But I KNEW that by asking those questions I was going to mess with their heads.

Brenda and Chris mumbled some sort of  ‘of course..’ response and then they left my house about five minutes after this little exchange. I haven’t heard from either of them since, but through Facebook, I saw they had another kid recently and a girlfriend of mine said that Brenda told her she thought it would make their marriage better for them to have more kids. She’s now selling essential oils. Chris apparently works overtime and has had two violations for undue force brought against him.

I only partly regret what I did because I don’t have to deal with them anymore, but no one deserves to be told that they had a kid to save their crummy relationship or to be questioned by an inebriated girl who fancies herself as wise.” madameFAPSalot

14. His Positive Attitude Ended Up Being His Downfall In The Business World


“Not my story at all, but my grandfather’s, which my father uses as a cautionary tale about being too trusting in business.

Way back in post-war Malaysia, my grandfather ran a fairly successful tin mining business. The way my Dad tells it, grandpa’s outfit was one of the largest in the country at the time.
He eventually attracted attention from a couple of big boys like Anglo-American PLC. There were discussions about joint ventures and all sorts of wonderful things, including purchasing mineral rights from my grandfather’s company. Unfortunately, he made the mistake of assuming Anglo-American (and those other big mining companies) would play fair and deal aboveboard.

Huge mistake.

I don’t know how it all went down, but it ended with my grandfather losing his business (and all those mineral rights options) and everything he had built since the war ended.

Fortunately, he picked himself back up eventually and constructed a new enterprise.

Lesson being: Always assume the other party’s out to cheat you, so protect yourself accordingly. You can have excellent business relationships, but make sure your legal bases are covered.” Eurymedion

13. This Diner Backstabbed A Small Child Just For Some Giggles…We Laughed Too


“I used to work at a restaurant and there was a couple in there with their baby. He was in a high chair and was definitely less than one year old. I noticed the kid looked like he was imitating my hand movements from across the room, so I starting moving them and watching him. He was definitely following everything I was doing, although a little jerkily, and he was mirroring the movements with his hands.
I was quite impressed. He was obviously bright for his age.

After a few hand gestures, an idea occurred to me that was too delicious to pass up. I moved my fist to my forehead, and sure enough, he goes to imitate. He pushes his little hand into a ball, thrusts his fist up rapidly, and bonks himself in the face. There was this really confused look on his face like he was trying to figure out who hit his forehead.

I did it three more times because it was hilarious.” [deleted]

12. If A Boss If A Jerk, Vengeful Employees Like This One Are Bound To Crop Up


“I had been working for a company for about two years and not taken any leave. About 12 months in a new guy started, he had more experience than me generally but in operations rather than the supply chain.

I had to train him and after six months he took our bosses job because of his past experience. I was OK with it but he turned into a real jerk and started taking credit for my work without recognizing me.

So a new role in our team comes up and I said I wanted it. It was a promotion and I said I wanted at least $100,000 (was on $80,000).
I’d also been approached by another company and told him I would take the other job if he couldn’t get me $100,000. He came back with a $98,000 offer.

I told him I would accept the new promotion and refuse the other companies offer. Once the paperwork was done, I quit the following week and took the other job essentially screwing him over and getting my leave paid out at the higher salary.

Eff him.”Aronax88

11. In This Case, Justice Was Served On A Silver Platter


“Three Dept X guys came up with some brilliant solutions and process improvements and made a presentation about it. (They secretly shared that presentation with me so I can make it look all professional and pretty.)

They showed that presentation to their boss who outright refused to implement and actually insulted them for wasting time on that crap. Even wrote that in their performance reports. Starting three months later, the guys were fired one by one in a span of few months. The boss made them work long hours, botched their performance reports and whatnot. They all got fed up and started protesting and they were fired.

One week after they were fired, their boss presented that same process improvement presentation to the VPs with his name on it.

The VPs called my dept to analyze and make prototypes of the processes.

I sent the VPs a screenshot of the email I had received months ago from the dep x with the original presentation.

VPs were furious and an internal investigation was held by HR. In the end, that a-hole boss was removed from that dept.” BorgBuddies

10. After Pulling A Successful Prank On A Friend, his Conscience Sunk In

William Moreland

“In my junior year of college, I was taking organic chemistry, and my lab partner was one of my friends I lived with the previous year in the dorms.

We had to pay for these cards at the beginning of the year, they were 125 dollar insurance cards that were nonrefundable. The idea was the 125 dollars would cover the cost of materials we broke.

Anyway, we never broke anything, so at the end of the year, we’re like ‘hey, we gave them 250 dollars for nothing’, so we decided to steal stuff that we didn’t think was that expensive. Stuff like 1-ounce sample jars, test tubes, basically stuff we could store or serve stuff in. But we also took this titration beaker thing. No idea why, but we always thought it looked cool.

So we got back and were just enjoying our loot when we decided to look up the titration thing.
It was like, 300 dollars. So we felt bad.

My friend and I liked to be jerks sometimes when it was funny, but we, and especially he, never did anything that would be considered particularly outright mean.

I was slightly more of a jerk for fun. So I forwarded him a fake email about how stealing lab equipment totaling more than 250 dollars could be considered a ‘petty larceny’, which was a felony, and could be grounds for expulsion.

I was also friends with his roommate at the time, who reported that he first just heard a lot of scrolling when he was presumably reading the email. After that, he was rolling on the floor moaning going ‘oh god oh god oh god’.

So I actually made him think we were gonna get expelled because he was kind of a sweet, gullible kid. I didn’t think he would actually believe it for more than a few seconds. I felt bad.

I later told him it was a prank.” phliuy

9. These Best Friends Fell Apart After One Of Them Became A Delusional Liar

Andrea Piacquadio

“Last year I was working with a ‘friend’ in an emerging packaging and shipping business based in Europe (we’re located somewhere in the Americas). It had good pay and very cool and lenient bosses.
Anyways, I made a couple of mistakes and so did my friend, which were very minor and could be corrected quite easily out of our own pay/bonus products we got. However, I soon noticed that my boss was messaging me about screw-ups that weren’t part of my job and I wasn’t even working on those days!

Not only was my friend throwing me under the bus for his own problems, he just went freaking nuts out of the blue one day and assumed I was the source of everything bad that happened to him, including a theft adding up to a couple of grand which could have literally been anybody since he brought so much attention to the business which is ‘taboo’ in some ways, although not illegal.

It made no sense to me because he even said he was scared of break-ins and people were seen prowling his property. I could have skipped out with easily a half-million dollars worth of products as an inside man if I wanted to, why would I settle for breaking in for a couple of grand? The boss wasn’t pleased but allowed us to continue working separately since he heard my case and took my word for it.
The boss man as well as boss lady eventually got peed off hearing all the drama from my ‘friend’ about me and told us to sort it out or we both leave. Since my ex-friend had more qualifications than me in the field, I left.

Ex-friend douche continued to mentally deteriorate, lose his place in the business, fail most of his uni classes and started prostituting his ugly self. It could have been such a lucrative business experience, but he messed it all up with drama!” MistaJenkins

8. This Student Turned Out To Be An Accidental Villain Disguised As A Hero


“In seventh-grade band, I played a dumb prank by hiding my friend’s trumpet. Though he’d ask where it was and I’d laugh and show him, but he showed up a bit late and we all started. He said someone STOLE his instrument and the director stopped the entire class and made us sit in silence until someone would confess.

After several minutes of nobody saying anything, he declared that he was canceling a planned trip to Disney.

Everyone started groaning and some even stood up shouting for the culprit to come forward.

I stood up and said, ‘It was me. I did it.’ The director said, ‘Thank you cfenton23 for trying to take the fall for the thief but you don’t have to do that.’

After class, everyone congratulated me and thanked me for trying to take the heat and blamed someone else.
The person who was blamed eventually kept getting left out of social events and quit band all together while I was proclaimed a hero.” cfenton23

7. These Two So-Called Friends Feuded Over Game Levels And In The End, Their Relationship Died


“I got a job designing and producing video games through a friend I used to test games with. He got me hired and we worked well together.

A project came to the table that nobody wanted to touch. It was ‘toxic’ and ‘impossible’ according to the people who had been working there for some time. I like a challenge so I began to put the design and project deadlines together. It was for a pretty well-known brand and figured it would bring a lot of money to the company.

Anyways, it was an uphill battle because everyone kept scoffing at me for even entertaining the project and they wanted to let it die. When the project got green-lit, my buddy decided he wasn’t interested in the project and the company was in the middle of a split, so he was going to the other half.

So after about four months of handling everything (we only had about 10 people working off and on, switching companies, it was a mess), Project management, Level design, Brand, Meetings, Design, etc., this buddy doesn’t get an offer at the other company and is sort of forced to stay.

I’m like great! I could totally use some help populating these levels with obstacles and items. And now that the split has been decided we get a new official studio head. Until this point, I was making all the decisions and the project was coming along smoothly.

Within the first week, the studio head pulls me into a meeting with my buddy to discuss the project. We sit down and this is where the studio head explained I was stepping on my buddy’s toes by doing too much work, especially the work focused around what he wanted to do. … Wow…. I explained that this project has been at full speed for the past few months and it has been working because we help each-other out split up tasks as they are completed instead of laying claim to them.

But neither of them were having it. I was forced to apologize…. like, literally I had to say I was sorry for doing too much work, then agree I wouldn’t touch the work he wanted to do.

Seriously? He came on board mid-way and laid claim to what he wanted to do, used the new Studio head to enforce this claim and got an apology out of me…

So very next week the Studio head noticed the deadlines were being missed on my buddy’s claimed responsibilities, and overall the quality was suffering.
He pulled me aside and asked me to get back to work on it… I couldn’t believe it. I told him he would need to have a meeting with all of us again, apologize to me and tell my buddy to allow me to help out, but he didn’t want to be embarrassed and make my buddy feel bad, he just wanted me to sneak it in.

I refused and my buddy worked some late hours to get it in, but again, quality suffered.

So, I stay friends and don’t make a big deal out of it, water under the bridge. We make a ton of money and the studio survives with new licensing deals, triple the employees, it is all good. Now we are asked to make a bigger game, within a year (first project was six months). So basically two or three times bigger with only twice the time, but now we have more employees so it’s doable. We have an army of directors now (Art director, Design Director, Studio Director) and we are functioning as a studio should. Tasks are split and we have several meetings covering who is doing what.

Several meetings, like every other day and discussing our progress, emailing updates, etc.
Half-way through this project, my buddy begins to question my ability. He is beginning to ask why I am not staying late or coming in on weekends to do work. I told him I was doing fine and keeping to the deadlines so I didn’t need to. He became upset because he wanted to get ahead so we could incorporate some new ideas of his into the game. I told him it probably wasn’t smart and any additional time should be used to polish gameplay and design (this was a Friday).

I come to work on Monday ready to work on a new level I had designed. My buddy approached me and asked me to change the design so that it could incorporate this feature he was hoping to add.

I declined and put my headphones on to get back to work. I worked the whole day, through lunch, slaving away on this level. Then after everyone leaves except for the studio head and him, my buddy approaches me and asks why I am working on a level he has already ‘completed’…. the studio head (the same guy who made me apologize before) comes out of his office to see what’s what and is astonished I would spend all day working on something my buddy already did.
I must have looked like I was going to murder because my buddy grabbed his bag and bolted out of there and the studio head went back to his office and closed the door.

So I emailed our Design director about the situation, explained how we have had pre-set responsibilities and how my buddy decided to do one of my levels before he had even finished one of his own.

He orchestrated the scenario because he knew I was working on it all day, even commenting on it mid-day, then when everyone was gone made it seem like I was incompetent in front of the studio head.

The director emailed me and said he would have a meeting with us after lunch the next day and we could discuss, but as far as he knew, it was pretty well understood what work everyone was supposed to do, and given that he wasn’t closed to finished with his there is no reason he should be working on mine.

The next day I am still pretty salty, but I go out to lunch with my ‘friend’ like we often did. During lunch, he lays it out for me, apologizes for doing a level he knew I was supposed to do, even admitted he was just hoping he could get his concept implemented but he should really just focus on his work.

Wow, that wakes a big man, I accepted his apology and let him know, btw, that meeting we are having is because of all this. The director wanted to make sure we were all working on our levels and not trying to implement new ideas.

So we head back to the office and go directly to this meeting. Now the director asks why my buddy was trying to do a level that was clearly not his to do, and why he is trying to implement this new idea. Then my buddy opened his mouth and lied. ‘I wasn’t aware we split up the levels’. The worst lie ever! Documented emails, meetings, project schedules, it was everywhere. He pleaded ignorance… I tried to catch him and claimed we just spoke and he just apologized for it all, why is he denying it now?! He just shook his head like I was crazy…

The worst thing was the Director apologized for any unclear direction and took responsibility.

Then he gave me a whole level from my buddies task list and said since he ‘completed’ mine I could just take one of his…

His level wasn’t completed, I had an almost completed level! He took my level and used it as his own after that.
I had extra work. I never spoke to him again.” Pharaca

6. He Bullied, Terrified, And Bullied A Child Into Giving Up A Pokemon

Austin Pacheco

“When I was like five or six, there was this girl in my class who had a gold Alakazam (Pokemon) tazo (pog). I had coveted that thing for a while, so when she told me about it, I intimidated/extorted her out of it. I reduced her to tears in the playground that day with my words and my angriest five-year-old frowny face.

She agreed to give it to me. I told her I’d kill her if she told anyone. The next day, she brought it in and gave it to me. When I got home, I was so ashamed that I stuck it in a box and never looked at it again.” AlmightyStarfire

5. This Brother Betrayed His Family Without So Much As A Second Thought


“This just happened recently. I work in a pretty successful family business built on innovation in our industry. My dad, the CEO, is the core innovator. Five years ago, my cousin had just immigrated to the States and was struggling with a lack of job options. The guy is smart and has an MBA albeit from a school in his home country which carries very little weight here.

Anyways, my dad decided to hire him and give him his first opportunity at a career in a new country. Over the next four years, my dad gave him a lot of autonomy in the company and taught him everything about the industry. Treated him like a son if you will. One day, he suddenly decided to quit without warning using a very weak reason.

Just found out a couple of weeks ago that this guy started a competing company using our exact business model applying everything my dad taught him. To make things worse, he managed to lure away a handful of employees who, as it turns out, were conspiring with him to betray the company for god knows how long.

It’s been tough processing this. This experience has really messed me up in terms of my ability to trust other people. The guy was so cunning in his deception and my dad is feeling especially crappy as you can imagine.” dtokko

4. Being A Group Admin Doesn’t Give You The Right To Take Good Deals Away From Others…Does It?


“I’m a moderator on a local second-hand Facebook group. An old lady put up a very nice bed for a very low price. I deleted the post, and contacted her.
Got the bed before anyone had the chance to bid on it.” laksenlaks

Another User Comments:

“That’s effed up, yet such a power move. You must get great deals.” active placebo

3. This Lawyer Stuck With His Backstabbing Client Even Though He Was A Jerk


“Criminal defence lawyer here.

I was back-stabbed when a couple of days before the deadline to resolve a case. My client didn’t think I could get him a plea he really wanted. I got it, and we rushed through the process to safely get him sentenced before someone changed their mind. (He was an Eminem wannabe and nobody liked him.)

One minute before the judge walks in the courtroom to finish the case, the clerk hands me a hand-written motion my client filed a day before I got him the plea he wanted. The motion asked for a different attorney and said that I supposedly walked in the jail at our first meeting and said, ‘I only spend 15 minutes on each case and I’ve already been here for five minutes, so you’re running out of time.’ Then, he said I yelled at him.

The reality was just the opposite: I met with him repeatedly and really worked my butt off for him.
When the judge walked in I had to decide if I would ask to get off the case, which would probably result in the offer falling apart for my client and getting more prison time. I decided to ignore the motion, mainly because the judge was a complete idiot and I didn’t want to deal with him. I still don’t know if the judge believed him. The judge never mentioned the motion but I’m sure he read it.” ImAnAlrightPerson

2. Their Friend Help Them Get The Job, But Also Brought About Their Downfall

Ashim D’Silva

“It was my first job in retail. I have metal plates and pins for my legs.

I had a friend working there that actually helped me get the job. In high school, we worked together all the time on graphic projects for the multimedia class. I thought it would be great!

Instead, I had my ‘friend’ reporting me to my managers just so that he could get a position as a supervisor. He’d report me for being too slow at stocking, inefficient with customers, and even claiming I lied about doctor visits. This negatively affected my superiors’ view of me, tarnishing my job at the store. I’d never felt so betrayed by someone, especially someone who had witnessed the physical pain I went through.” mermaidman001

1. This Boss Took Credit For A System Infront Of The Very Person Who Created It

Ella Olsson

“I was fresh out of college and not finding a job in my field, so I took a secretarial position to pay the bills.

While there, we got a new system that changed the way reports were being generated, so I did some work in Access and made the forms function really nicely and saved us a lot of time in the long run.

A couple of weeks later, my boss and I are having a ‘casual’ lunch with some of the tech people and I’m thinking this is the perfect time to network. The techie people said that they heard our office created a nice system for the reports and my boss sat there and took credit for the whole thing.” allTheNuggets

If you have a cut-throat personality, chances are most of these tales have made you giggle in amusement. However, for those of us who tend to see the good in people, most of these stories were simply appalling.

Do you have an outrageous backstabbing anecdote (or an entire novel!) that will have our jaws