People Share Their Cold Stories Of Calculated Revenge


There’s a line from the movie “Once Upon A Time” where one character says to the other, “Your life must be filled with such incredible loneliness if your only joy comes from destroying everyone else’s happiness.”

Now apply this quote to a select group of people who are real-life antagonists rubbing their hands in anticipation of ruining someone’s day, week, or even life! Yes, there are people like this out there who want to see you crash and burn and fail. They get delighted in watching it all crumble to pieces in front of their eyes. Like watching a house of cards fall apart, these serial backstabbers love to see the consequences of their actions unfold. These kinds of people can be kids or adults. Age ain’t nothing but a number when it comes to cold, calculated revenge. You can be in middle school or play it old school!

Some of the tales we’ve outlined showcase the very worst of the human condition. However, in a few stories, the innocent exact their revenge and put these perpetrators right back into their place. Steel yourself for some of the most outlandish cases of revenge.

32. Ruin Santa Claus? Dad Has The Final Word


“When I was in 1st grade there was this jerk who we’ll call Eric who essentially made my life a living nightmare.

He was constantly shoving me down, stealing the ball from me, and would consistently smack me or throw things at me in class when the teacher’s back was turned. I often got in trouble for yelling at him or hitting him back, meanwhile, the sneaky bastard was an angel in her eyes.

It’s December, and the entire class is excited about two things: Bring your Dad to school day, and Christmas. Well, one day in class, our teacher was talking about Christmas and Santa Claus when Eric blurts out “Santa isn’t real! He’s just make-believe for babies.” The teacher tried to make him be quiet, but the damage was already done. The entire class was distraught, two girls actually had to leave the classroom because they were crying so much.

I got home and told my parents what Eric had said, and they convinced me that Santa was real and said that Eric was just a mean little boy. A few days passed without further incident, and it was time for bringing your Dad to school day. However, my Dad had canceled a few days before, saying that he had a really important meeting he couldn’t afford to miss.

Well, the Dads all arrived to class shortly after lunch and were presenting briefly one-by-one when suddenly, who would burst into the classroom but Santa Freaking Claus.
Letting out a big “HO HO HO!!!”, the pudgy St. Nick strode into the classroom, hugged our teacher, and gave a brief presentation about elves and toy-making and his reindeer.

He then went around the classroom giving all the kids mini Reese’s, and right before he left went “Say, which one of is you is Eric?” The teacher pointed him out, and Santa went up to his desk and said something like “You know Eric, it’s not nice to tell people that I’m not real. If you keep being a naughty boy, you’ll be getting coal next week!” Eric just looked back at him stunned and gave a sheepish nod. Santa then went and stood by the doorway, gave a cheery laugh, and right before he walked out looked me dead in the eyes and winked.

I was amazed and ran home telling my parents all about what had happened that day.

Eric wasn’t as mean after that, and everything in the 1st grade was gumdrops and ice cream. It wasn’t until I was in high school that my mother revealed that the Santa Claus was actually my Dad. He had gone so far as to buy an expensive fat suit and mask in order to fool me and everyone else.” HopeoftheUniverse

31. This Employee Was Ready To Have Another One Fired Because Of A Ridiculous Reason


“I was running HR for a small company that ran an ADT (adult training meant for individuals with intellectual disabilities).
I had two female employees who hated each other and for the sake of confusion, I’ll call them Kim and Lucy. Now, Kim was well-liked by staff and participants while Lucy had a tendency to become hostile if she was asked to do anything by others.

These two would often clash but never anything that requires my intervention.

One day, I am the only administrator in the office, and Lucy comes over complaining she was reviewing medical records and realized that Kim missed distributing a bunch of scheduled medications to the participants. Being that our folks were on a lot of needed anti-convulsants, this was a huge problem so I go and check it out in the record.

According to the logbook and bubble packs, Kim missed almost a week’s worth of a guy’s anticonvulsants. I call the guy’s doctor who said he should be ok so there wasn’t anything to be worried about as long as he didn’t push himself too hard physically. I call Kim into the office who says she didn’t touch the meds and wanted me to check the cameras that we had monitoring the med room.

As I am going through the footage I find that Kim was right and Lucy actually went in every day with the non-verbal participant, popped the med, would drop it down the sink, and then give the man a cup of water.
Lucy is lying dead to rights.

Call Lucy in prepared to fire her and of course, she denies it until I show her the camera footage. I then ask why she did it and she told me it was because Kim never offered to bring her in coffee in the morning. This lady could’ve killed a man because a co-worker didn’t ask her if she wanted coffee.” godbullseye

30. Don’t Feel Like Doing Your Job? We’ll Fatten You Up with Kindness


“I made a girl fat, and not by marrying her.

In 2003, my office got a new secretary and a new manager. The secretary, a thin blonde, was a vile she-devil, she wouldn’t do anything the staff asked (find info, set up calls, get coffee for anyone who wasn’t herself) and the manager wouldn’t do anything about it. We joked that her job title was “Internet Quality Control” because she more-or-less sent a personal email and played on myspace all day, to which when she overheard, literally went to the manager in tears.

Then one day I got a rather large jar of candy as a gift and she just about single-handedly consumed half of it, which angered me good. Then later that week, I brought in a dozen donuts and she ate half of them on her own.

Upon putting the facts together, our web designer, editor, and I decided to fuel the fire in something we called “Operation: Butter-Up”, where we each, in turn, brought in a large bag of candy to full up my jar as fast as she could empty it.

In the course of three months, she put on 20 pounds. In a year’s time, she was unrecognizable and along with being a crank, she was an idiot and couldn’t figure out how. Several times a week we provided her sweets and snacks of every kind until her boyfriend dumped her, which was about eight months into the project, and she had to get a new wardrobe.

We lucked out because she was rather stupid, but we had more diabolical measures lined up if she stopped eating the candy, along the lines of mixing in weight-gainer to the non-dairy creamer she was using and things of that nature.

That was 2003 and she’s still big to this day, saw her on Facebook, and smiled at our handiwork. Still single to this day, and I would like to think that we had something to do with it.” worlds_best_coffee

29. Bully Me, Day In, Day Out? I’ll Frame You


“I moved around a lot as a kid.
Dad in the Army. Parents divorced. Not staying in one place made long-term friendships impossible. But my situation attracted bullies like flies.

I moved to a new school. A bully picked up my scent instantly. Tripping and shoving. Making fun of my clothes. Nothing too terrible, but I was already unhappy, so I felt miserable anyway.

One school day, I asked to use the restroom. I passed by said bully on the way into the bathroom.

He actually didn’t do anything to me this time.

When I entered the restroom, someone was in the only stall, crapping on the floor. I walked out of the bathroom, disgusted, ready to tell on them (I was seven at the time).

I was ready to reenter my classroom when an incredible, yet devious idea came to me. I went straight to my bullies classroom and walked inside.

Everyone looked at me, which normally would have given me enough hesitation to turn me 180 and head back to class. But that day, I didn’t so much as pause. I walked up to the teacher’s desk, pointed at my tormentor, and boldly proclaimed that he had pooped on the bathroom floor.
The teacher’s reaction was better than I could have ever expected (for me).

She made him follow her into the restroom while he cried and slobbered out ‘I didn’t do it! He’s lying!’ over and over again. She then grabbed a wad of paper towel, handed it to him and we watched as he picked it up and put it into the commode. She thanked me for telling her and told me to go back to my classroom.

This happened about twenty years ago. I still look back at this moment as a turning point in my life. Like I became me then.” [deleted]

28. Think I Should Just Leave My Practice? Watch Me Study And Pass And Never See You Again


“I got let go from my job in January because of stupid high school drama with a coworker.

Whatever. When my boss was letting me go, she told me that she didn’t think I belonged in the field that I was in, and would probably do better as a receptionist. Ouch.

I know she was saying that because the awful woman that I worked with slammed me at every possible chance, and threw me under the bus. I didn’t do the same… thought I would act professionally, so there was a whole lot of crap that went down that my boss never got wind of.
The awful coworker was someone who could talkandtalkandtalk her way in circles until she’s completely convinced you of something, or you get sick of listening to her and let her have her way. I’m more of a straight-shooter.

Plus, I was still an apprentice, and the coworker was a non-licensed, so she had (a little bit of) seniority.

Anyway… so she said that. It stung. I had a big licensing test coming up. It would change my status from apprentice to licensed. I hardcore studied. (While the ex-boss was paying my unemployment)

I took the test, was the first one finished, didn’t double guess any of my answers, and passed with flying colors. It was grand.

Just knowing that I proved them wrong felt good. If Massachusetts thinks that I am good enough to become an optician, and I’ve passed 2 national exams, then I’m gonna go ahead and say eff you. I sent a card to two of the opticians (of three) that work at the office, thanking them for contributing to my success (because they really did, and we were tight and they loved me and thought I was an awesome optician).

Totally left awful coworker out of the card and she knew it.
Sometimes the best revenge is just doing well.” CCWManders

27. Although He Went To Bat For A Friend, This Freelancer Realized His Friend Was A Thief

Ashley Edwards

“While freelancing on a sweet gig that came out of the blue, I found out that I would be working with Sean, a guy who was in my group at a former ad agency.
Awesome, a friendly face.

Sean was a geek. No one liked him and as his associate creative director (supervisor) I looked out for him. He seemed to try hard and I didn’t understand why everyone excluded him. During two rounds of layoffs, I went to bat for the guy and saved his job, promising to work with him.

He was always busy and, soon after I moved on to a new job. So I looked forward to working with him some more and proving those mean jerks from our old agency wrong.

While working this freelance job, l sensed something was wrong soon after it began… Sean had no ideas. None! He literally brought a blank pad in day after day. Excuses were that he was tired, the assignment confused him, etc. I was nervous, but I was stuck. So, since we were on a team, I shared my ideas, our only ideas, with him.
We had to present an hour after lunch.

During lunch, I had to go to a doctor’s appointment with my wife, who was seriously ill. On my way back to the office the cab I was in had an accident.

A jerk in a Lexus slammed into us. No one was hurt, but it totaled both cars.
Furthermore, I didn’t feel comfortable leaving the cabbie, as he was foreign and spoke little English. The guy who hit us was ranting, so I stayed to give a statement to the police. I called Sean to explain and asked if he minded handling the meeting and asked him to relay my situation.

Then…. This loser presented MY work, claimed it was all his and they sent me home because ‘Sean nailed it.’

Salt in the wound? It took nine months to get paid for the time I did put in. All along, I tried to explain but no one believed me. He copied my notes in his own writing and submitted them as proof.

As far as they were concerned I was riding this guy’s coat-tails. I coulda kicked his nuts for a week without getting bored.

Two months later, he was found out when he tried it again.
Dozens of former coworkers called to rub my nose in it. ‘Still think we’re just picking on Sean?’ I learned that sometimes people are shunned because they deserve it.” [deleted]

Another User Comments:

“Moral of the story, look out for number one first. That’s not to say don’t help people, but don’t help them past you.” johnqnorml

26. Deny You Hit My Car? I’ll Find You


“We were living in London and I had a little mini that was always parked on the street outside our apartment. One morning I was at the gym in our building and the guy who ran it said, “Too bad about your car it must have been hit by someone.” I went outside and sure enough, there was a big dent in the front of my car.

I had insurance but this was not going to be good.

Fortunately, in London, there’s lots of CCTV and I had conveniently parked in front of a business that had one. I went over and spoke to them in my sweetest manner, told them what happened, and wondered if they could help me. The security guy said, “I’m busy now, but later I’ll have a look and come by at the end of business.” I waited to wonder what, if any, luck I’d had.
When I went by that evening, he had printed out stills and asked me if I needed video which showed a big bread delivery truck crashing into my car with the telephone number conveniently on the side in a large font.

I called the bread company.

Over the course of a couple of days, we went back and forth. Their driver denied everything. I then informed them that I had video and still from the CCTV across the street and wondered if they wanted to pay for repairs or should I just go to the police? The couriered the check to me the next day.” bystander1981

25. Want To Make My Job More Difficult? I’ll Make Your Game Impossible


“I work as a security guard at a retirement home in a shifty part of town. Not much happens as a result of me being here and being on top of who is in our parking lots. One day, months ago as the hype of a new update to Pokemon Go was at its peak I start seeing unfamiliar cars parking in our parking lot, due to the fact that our property has a gym and a Pokestop on it.

I go to each car and more times then not I see a phone in their hand.
I tell each one they can finish up but please do not come back as they are trespassing. Most nicely agree, some leave immediately in a huff, and two questions “why not?” Our subject was one of the two.
He looked the part of a typically entitled dude and drove what looks like a blue Hyundai i10. He argued why not and I calmly explained because this is private property and I don’t want to explain to my boss why I’m allowing some guy to trespass on the property just to play some phone app.

He leaves in a huff. I see him the next day and the next.

Now I had played Pokemon Go for about two months when it first came out and had about a level 14 profile. And I figured that I’d just start kicking him off the gym as soon as he takes it over. That didn’t quite work he was a level 32 and his Pokemon wrecked mine.

So I start to do some research and I looked into how to get stronger Pokemon. I read about IVs and I also read about geo spoofing. So that’s what I did. I send my account to the busiest Pokemon Go locations and acquired items and strong Pokemon Go over the course of 2 months.
Now comes the day of reckoning. I’ve seen this blue Hyundai’d jerk every night for two months drive into our parking lot and with each warning, he would just come back again.

So now after two months of casually hunting and training the day has come.

With an account now at level 29 and a superpowered SS, S, and A ranking squad it’s time to kick him off as soon as he takes over the gym, and that’s what I did. He started showing up less, and one of the days he would take over the gym, leave to take another gym down the street, and come back to try and retake the gym I took. After that day I started to geo spoof to every gym he would take just to kick him off. I wouldn’t even occupy the gyms that if kick him off only the one at my work.

After about a month of him showing up less and less, I think he has finally given up on the game.

I haven’t seen him at my work or at any gym locations in our city in over 2 weeks. I think I’ve ruined the game for him.” StonersSmokersBoy420

24. Don’t Want To Sign The Waiver? Ok, Then You Don’t Get To Play


“I used to work as a referee for a men’s hockey league that required all players to have helmet stickers to prove they had signed the league’s insurance waiver (sign the waiver, get the sticker, put it on your helmet and you can play).
It was really common for guys to be too lazy to walk upstairs to the office and get their stickers so we would constantly have to bother them during a game to go and get one immediately.

So one Friday night, I go up to a guy without a sticker and tell him to go get one, he tells me that the office told him they ran out of stickers and he could play.

So I let him continue to play while I get my timekeeper to radio my convenor who then had to call the office and check the guy’s story. Turns out he lied to me, the office had plenty of stickers and he was just being lazy (this was annoyingly common).

So I blow my whistle at the next stoppage of play and go over to tell him that he lied but that since it was now the last half of the third period I would let him play but that he had to get one before his next game. His team played back to back games that night so I would know for sure that he got one and didn’t mind doing him that favor.

He agreed and thanked me for being cool about it to my face but as I skated away he called me a bleeping idiot.
I, in turn, assessed a game misconduct for abuse of official which in that league carried an automatic one-game suspension and would force him to miss his next game. He didn’t like this and cursed me out more before leaving the ice.

After that game as I was walking back to the ice for this guy’s team’s next game, he came up to me and apologized to me which was nice, that is until he then asked me to let him play in the next game. I promptly told him not a chance and walked away, he cursed me out again but had to sit out the game and all for a sticker that he could have easily gotten by walking upstairs to the league office.” oblongguy

23. Tell Me You Have To Sleep With Her? Yeah, Ok Buddy


“I was dating a guy for almost a year and just found out I was pregnant.

We had planned to have lunch together at his house but morning sickness had kicked in so I told him I would have to wait till dinner time. He sounded super disappointed so an hour later I felt well enough to surprise him with a sub for lunch. When I got to his house I found the door wide open so I walked in.
As I opened his bedroom door I found him in bed with two girls. Uber angry, I tossed the sub at him, called him some choice words and ran out the door. He follows me and tries to get me to calm down. I tell him I’m done and want to leave but he begs me to hear him out claiming he has a good reason for what he was doing.

He then tells me the biggest crock of poo I have ever heard in my life. He tells me that he dated this girl before me for a short time. Being a Middle Eastern girl, she was very set on the no intercourse rule before marriage for fear of what her family would do to her. However, one night they ended up sleeping together anyway and he broke her cherry. Pan forward to the present, she calls him in a panic saying her life was in danger.

She tells him she was going on a trip overseas soon to see family and for fear of being stoned to death, she begged him to meet her parents and claim they had married secretly to save her.

His next words were the craziest part of my story.
“…So if I don’t keep sleeping with her, they will stone her to death. The other girl was just her sister making sure it was legit. Do you get it now? I am saving this woman’s life!” I just turned around and walked away. Almost 8 years later and I still can’t tell this story without giving him some props for creativity. Kills me to do so but even I could not have told that line of crap as straight-faced as he did.” MissMap

22. Careful Who You Mess With Cause Sometimes Payback Is Worth The Black Eye


“A friend and I were fishing at a local creek when my friend’s brother pulled up.

Being the bully he normally was, he started throwing rocks in the creek to scare the fish, and then he threw my friend’s bike in the creek. We were 13 at the time, my friend was crying and I felt so bad. I jumped into the creek and got his bike out, told him we would get his brother back.

About a month later we were fishing again and it was the dead of summer. I told my friend today is the day we get his brother back. Caught a 2/3 pound carp, threw it up on the side of the bank, and left it there until we were done fishing.
At the end of the night went back to his place his brother’s car was sitting on the street, we took the carp sliced it open and threw it under the driver’s seat and rolled his windows 3/4 up.

The next morning when we woke and left I forgot about what we had done. Well, when I rode past JT’s car I noticed the window was kind of black and then I took a closer look it was covered in flies. I actually got scared because I did not expect a window caked with flies. By the time I got home I was laughing in tears because his brother was always such a bully to us.

Fast forward to baseball practice about 3 days later, a friend had a black eye but smiled at me when we made eye contact. His brother flipped out and ran into his house and punched him in the face. His mom flipped out on his brother, the brother was grounded for the rest of the summer.

His mom said that my friend would never do such a thing and he played along and acted as if he had no idea. Apparently the smell never really left the car.
We nicknamed his brother lord of the flies.” allpoliticianssuck

21. Won’t Help Us Solve The Problem? We’ll Make Our Problem Your Problem


“My family used to live across the road from a school that I didn’t attend.

Often in the morning parents would drop their kids off in front of the house, preventing us from getting out of the drive and on occasion almost crashing as we pulled out. The kids were worse, they would constantly litter and flick butts onto the street which would blow into our and some neighbor’s driveways.

My dad often complained to this school’s headmaster to educate the pupils on littering or at least put some more bins around the site.

This request was ignored despite complaints from neighbors as well.

He (my dad) decided enough was enough and began to collect up this litter and put it into a separate bin, he also did this for other houses on the street. These eventually got full and the littering continued and my dad pretty much lost it.

He got together a team of neighbors one night and broke into the school. Bearing in mind that these are all men between 40 and 65. They proceed to empty around 12 bins worth of rubbish and litter around the school site whilst my dad uses spray paint to write “How do YOU like it?”.
This was a Sunday so all the kids coming to school for a new week saw it.

My dad or the neighbors never got caught by the police because of a lack of evidence and no witnesses. The school proceeded to put bins pretty much everywhere and the neighborhood looked considerably better.” Forestbeard

20. Steal My Dad’s Spot? Get Ready To Feel His Wrath


“When I was about 13 years old, my family had saved up to take us to Six Flags Over Georgia. It’s about a two-hour drive away from our house, so we left early to get there as soon as it opened so we wouldn’t have to fight any crowds at the gate. As we pull into the parking lot, we find a decent parking spot in an area that’s already packed. As we start to pull into the spot, a car of four 20-something-year-olds, cut us off and take the spot.

Ok, whatever we think. But no. To add injury to insult the driver then gets out and yells “What the (bleep) you gonna do about it, bee with an itch?”

His buddies all have a good laugh and head to the gate. I can tell my dad is steamed but he keeps his mouth shut.
We find another spot and as we are heading to the gate, my dad says he’ll be back and walks off. Fast forward to the end of the day. The park is closed and we are the last group of people leaving the park. We hop in the car and low and behold, as we are leaving the parking lot, we see the same car with 4 flat tires, and 4 angry off guys just sitting there.

My dad drives by them and without missing a beat, rolls down the window and yells “What the (bleep) are you gonna do about it, bee with an itch?” as we drive off into the sunset. [deleted]

19. This Newbie Taught His Boss Not To Mess With Him Ever Again

Elly Fairytale

“My first kitchen job, the assistant pastry chef hated me. I had no clue why, and it started from the first day, not showing me where anything was, not giving me the key to the dairy fridge, making me wait to get my jacket, etc… she was awful. Anyways, after months of this, I was just really fed up.

One of my dishes had fries on it, and they were bought in, and came in large plastic bags.

If you’ve ever dealt with fries before, you know that they fry better when they’re frozen, as room temp fries will break apart easily. So, when I brought up my fries from the basement, I would put the bags in the pastry freezer until the service started. Well, she would come up and check her freezer, with plenty of room for everything, take my fries out, and throw them in front of me and not say a thing. For several days in a row, she does this.

I figure she’s just being her usual terrible self, and I can’t chew her out over it because she’s management. Not in my chain of command, but I can’t go yelling at anyone like that regardless.

So, instead, I cut the bag open, carefully roll it up, and place it seam side down in her freezer. And like clockwork, she comes up, check the freezer and grabs the bag… and out pours 3 lbs of fries all over and in between everything packed in there. I was happily watching her clean it up for at least 20 minutes. She didn’t mess with me anymore after that. EFF her.” cool_hand_luke

18. Steal My Wife? I’ll Hack Your Content


“During the last year or so of my marriage, I was spending a lot of time out of town, commuting for 3-4 days a week for work.
One night I was working remotely and decided to do some upgrades on my home computers, so I remote in and notice that the connection is REALLY slow.

I do some network traces and find that my wife’s computer is participating in a video chat with someone in another state, one where she has no family that I know of. Huh. Curiosity piqued, so I start to monitor more stuff, like IM conversations which are not encrypted.

Over the next few weeks, I keep my mouth shut as I collect more evidence, mostly Yahoo! and AIM conversations. I also had installed security cameras around my house because we had problems with the neighborhood kids, and eventually I catch footage of some guy coming and going from the house – at one point even driving my car. I still keep my mouth shut because I know if I say anything my wife would just lie about it and somehow make me out to be the bad guy.

I know who the guy is by now, and I gather more data on him. And then he does it. He plugs his laptop into my network.

So, I’m a network engineer and security admin by trade.
I know networks, I know how to monitor them, and I know how to… fiddle with data. My wife knew this, the guy she was messing around with knew this, but he was still dumb enough to enter my domain and play around on my network. I start grabbing usernames and passwords, email accounts, IM accounts, etc. I reroute all of their web traffic through a proxy so I can monitor where they go and how they log in. Eventually, I hit the jackpot – dumbo runs a fairly well-known gaming forum that is a major source of revenue for him, and he logs in without using SSL.

He thinks it’s secure because vBulletin hashes the password before sending it in cleartext. However, if you know the hash you can use it just as well as the password itself! I use his admin username and password hash to login and make a few admin accounts for myself, naming them something inconspicuous and changing the account creation date to make them look old. At this point, I could have just wiped his entire site, but that would be too easy to fix – simply restore a backup. No, I had a better idea.
Every day I went back and deleted random posts older than 6 months. Then I deleted every post older than 6 months. I did this for 3 weeks straight before the guy suspects anything.

I notice he kills one of my admin accounts, so I quickly assign admin privileges to my wife’s account then delete all my other admin accounts.

She calls me in a panic because her new boy toy is flipping out on her because it looks like she is the one who “hacked” the forums and deleted the content. Thousands of posts are gone and there is no way to restore them because a full restore would wipe out 3 weeks of new posts. She appears to be the only other person with admin access aside from the owner, and he is FURIOUS. I plead ignorance and pretend I never knew about the forum until she called me. There is no reason I would know about the forum.

They never made the connection between him using MY home network and his forum getting hosed. To this day new users are not allowed on the site unless they are referred by an existing member.

They never figured out what happened. The incident caused him to break off whatever he had going on with my wife, which really left her stranded when I told her a month later that I was divorcing her.
I had collected enough evidence from their IM conversations and her forum posts to satisfy my need for closure. She still has no idea how much information I gathered about her second life.

I should have mentioned above that during the time period this was happening, the guy actually moved from out of state (with the help of my wife, and probably my money), which is how he ended up at my house and driving my car.

I knew exactly when this happened and when to expect to see him based on the IM conversations.” NotTheBestTime

17. Tell Me You’re “Cleaning” The House? I’m Taking The Kids


“My girlfriend and I were busy a lot. We both worked full time and had a toddling daughter. I was also in school full time learning graphic design. It was hectic, and from time to time our apartment needed a lot of work keeping it clean. One day, my ex asks me to take the baby out and spend the day go so she can clean the house. Not unusual, a two-year-old baby and an exhausted daddy from his five 7a-11p days just get in the way. So, me a Floppy hop in the car and go spend the lovely spring day together.

Hang out with grandma, go to the park, whatever.

We text off and on through the day and talk a few times. After being gone most of the day, it’s dinner time. I ask if she wants some help, some dinner and let her know grandma offered to watch the Flopster. “No, I’m getting close to being done, just a bit longer.”

Okay, no biggie, it’s about six, so I feed the kid, we do a bath at grandma’s, and around 8:30, she’s out. I hang out for a bit, lay the girl down in her bed at grandma’s and figure, what the heck, I’ll head home and see hats up.

I pull into the drive. Now, each building had eight apartments. Each apartment ten spots.

Two visitor/extras. Our building only had one other resident with two cars. The first thing I notice is a car I’ve never seen before. A black Oldsmobile Alero. Nothing strange, we have neighbors, it’s Saturday. Anyone of the other seven residents could have a guest. But something just isn’t sitting right. A lump begins to form. I don’t know why it just does.

I park on the street and walk up to the door. Locked. I don’t hear anything.
Odd, when she cleans she always has the TV or music playing. I unlock the door and the apartment is spotless. Best it’s looked since we moved in. Yet, no sign of the girlfriend. I don’t hear anything unusual. So I start down the hallway.

I’m not being loud. The lump’s growing. I get two steps down the hall and she bursts out of our bedroom, naked as the day she was born and shuts the door behind her. My eyes are reflexively narrow.

“You need to leave.”

“Excuse me? This is my home. I’m not going anywhere. What the (bleep) is going on?” “You just need to leave,” she says again. I knew. I knew when I pulled in. I walk purposely down the hall. I brush by her. I open my door. There, quickly getting his shoes on is a guy. Scruffy, out of shape, ugly son of a bee roughly our age. “Wow, I know I’m not the best looking dude, but seriously? You cheat on me with that?” I say out loud.

“I’m sorry, man. I didn’t know, I’m sorry. I didn’t know.” Fatty who was with my GF gets his cane (yes, cane, and not one would use trying to look dapper, but a cheap aluminum one from the drug store) and awkwardly tries to slip by me.
I only now realize what he sees. Fury. Unadulterated, ice-cold, the type of anger that loops past destroy everything into eerie calm. The type of anger that creates true fear in a person when they see it. My eyes are pinholes, my head cocked down. My fists are clenched so tightly I can feel the blood from my, admittedly past due for trim fingernails. I turn so he can pass. GF locks herself in the bathroom to the right of our bedroom door.

Fatboy Brokeback lumbers towards my door stumbling twice in fear of being hit in the back. He leaves.

“Just go!” I hear from the bathroom. I walk into our tiny kitchen and make a sandwich. I sit at the table and eat my salami and Colby cheese sandwich. Spicy mustard and just a dab of mayo. Her phone sits on the table. I flip it open and start reading. At least three guys she had been hitting on throughout the day. Fatty is telling her how he hurt his back years ago backyard wrestling. Her telling him she’s single and I’m a deadbeat and complications meant she can’t get pregnant so he can go bareback if he wants.

Eventually, she comes out, gets dressed, and sits down.

“I’m sorry.” I barely even acknowledge her. “Get out.” She leaves. I call my mom and tell her not to let Floppy leave with her.

I’d like to say I sent her back home to her trash life in her small town of one closed factory. I’d love to say that. But we had a kid and I didn’t want that for her. So I forgave her. She’d cheat on me. I’d catch her. Sometimes before it went past texting. Sometimes before she snuck away. She’d spend months proving herself, earning my trust back just to smash it. Oddly, it was always summer after this incident. Something about July and August.

Eventually, we had a second child, my lil man, George. A year or so after that we got married.

That summer after marriage was the worst. Eventually, I snapped. I saw myself in the mirror one day and I hated the person staring back at me. He was fat and ugly. He looked defeated. He looked old and tired and broken. He had all but given up, and he wasn’t far off from that. I sat on the floor and cried that night. I knew something had to change. My wife came in and yelled.
I worked at 5 am but would stay up to see her when she got home at 11p. I realized that’s all she ever did. Never even acknowledged I was living on six or fewer hours of sleep, getting through an afternoon with two small children while she worked.

She’d have grandma come and help with the kids each morning, and take Lil Man with her. Who knows how she spent her mornings.

I packed up the kids and left her pretty much everything else. I try not to look back. She hasn’t seen them since Mother’s Day, now. Before that it was February. Hasn’t had them overnight since last December. I do my best. Being a single dad is hard, but I have an amazing family who saves me so much.

I still don’t really like the guy in the mirror, but he’s getting more likable every day.”pirate_doug

16. Don’t Want To Have A Calm Conversation? Ok, You Leave Me No Choice


“The story begins in the summer. The Wife and I moved from my mother’s basement to a fantastic apartment just down the road from my university.

The building is mega soundproofed, the neighbors do piano lessons, lots of people with kids and dogs and we can’t hear any of it.. with the exception of one dog from across the hall.
The neighbors across the hall are retired, perhaps their senior father lived with them… I’m not sure about that detail. But they were enjoying their retirement going out all of the time for hours at a time, and whenever they left their dog would bark the entire time. An 8-12 hour continuous barking session wasn’t uncommon, typically 3-7 days per week.

Now a few details about myself. I am a dog person, I love them and I understand this little guy is probably just anxious without his owners. I am a student, as mentioned before, and I didn’t mind listening to the dog while school was out for summer but come fall this problem needed to be dealt with.

And lastly, I am incredibly patient and kind to a fault.

So after two weeks of this listening to this dog, I put a sticky note on their door that read something along the lines of “Hey, just so you know your dog barks constantly when your not home.” Of course, nothing changes so after another two weeks, I put in a single formal complaint that goes something along the lines of “Hey, the last thing I want to do is cause trouble but this dog has been barking for a month and it’s really annoying, I hope we can all come to a peaceful solution.”

Over the next week we notice a drastic change, Dog no longer barks.
It still whines loudly which is still crazy annoying but an improvement.

Also, the noise reduces to about 2-6 hours a day, maybe 3 days a week max. Turns out they got anxiety meds for the dog. Regardless, I’m happy. The problem seems to be slowing and perhaps it won’t so loud once school starts. A month and a bit go by and I’m writing a timed, online quiz for a class in my home and this dog is barking as it used to when we first moved in. I can’t concentrate and it’s driving me insane. I leave my quiz and leave another sticky not, this one along the lines of “Not a complaint, just letting you know your dog was crazy loud tonight.”

I’m just about done my quiz when there is a knock on my door.

I answer the door and low and behold. The lady from across the hall, holding my note, looking angry. She asks me if I wrote the note. “Yes.” Do I understand how frustrating that is. Well, I sure understand the frustration, so “Yes”. She is screaming at this point. I ask him if she would like to have a calm conversation. She talks over me to say how unfair it is that I would treat her dog like that.
I ask again if she would like to have a calm conversation. She talks over me to tell me how much anxiety pills are. Would you like to have a calm conversation? She talks over me again to tell me that the poor dog she leaves at home 8 hours a day has to wear a shock collar because of me.

I decided we were not having a calm conversation. “Listen here you piece of crap, you started this, all I wanted is to live in peace.” I take a step into my apartment, she steps towards me as if she is entering. I’m pretty sure I literally hit her with the door when I slammed it in her face. All i know for sure is something stopped her in the middle of screaming the word “A-HOLE” at me.

I come back to my computer and see that the quiz timed out while I was arguing with the neighbor. I failed to submit it and got a zero. Eff this freaking woman.

It’s Friday night and I am livid, so I start the most meticulous backpedaling.

First I make a complaint about her interrupting my homework late at night to yell at me.
Next, I move onto texts from my wife. The neighbors had a habit of slamming the door which my with would text me about. Check the time signature on the texts, find the reference code for the applicable hallway camera, hoping they slammed the door from the outside, and e-mail a single detailed noise complaint. Next slammed door text was another separate e-mail as a separate noise complaint. I remember once they parked in our spot once when we came home from Costco. So I do what any sane, reasonable person would do and check the credit card charge time stamp. Separate e-mail parking complaint, noting the two camera codes that can see our parking spot.

Darn it, I wasted so much time. I print off my original e-mailed complaint, highlight the words “peaceful resolution”, and write the words. “You messed up” at the bottom.

The next day their dog is barking for an hour. So I record the noise from the bedroom, kitchen, and hallway. While in the hallway I give the security camera a little thumbs up. I must have looked like a lunatic. I do this every day, multiple times per day. I called bylaw after 10:00 pm as there is a city law about noise at that time.
Turns out Bylaw in my city has no authority within apartment buildings; however, the bylaw officer let me know the RCMP can issue tickets for noise. So I submit a police complaint.

Now a police file is open. By the end of the weekend, I had called the non-emergency line of the RCMP twice. I had her ticketed once and filed 17 individual complaints to my building manager. And I carried on every day. video recordings, audio recordings, witnesses in the hallway. The contractor comes in to fix something on the 3rd floor, he and I get talking and he agrees to smile for the camera while I record the dog barking way off down the hallway.

Today I was informed that they have been evicted.”_yumyumtoast

15. When Revenge In A Petri Dish Backfires


“When I was 7 or 8 I did a science project on the antibacterial efficacy of various soaps. Basically involved keeping hands dirty for a day, pressing grubby thumbs into Petri dishes full of agar, then washing and doing the same again.

I’d take tracings of the cultures: Bigger colonies were bad, smaller ones good. This ended up winning the county science fair for my grade in a large metropolitan area, so that was nice.
But before that, after I’d finished the experiments but before I’d discarded the dishes, I got into a dispute with my parents (don’t remember what about). I thought, “I’ll show them.” So I took the nastiest culture and swabbed it onto their bedroom doorknob. They both got sick as dogs and I had to take care of them for a couple of days. Served me right.” dlman

14. Cheat On Me, Then Say It’s Mine? Nope, Nope, Nope


“I read a story similar to mine a few years ago, but I don’t remember where or even the circumstances, but here’s mine.

I was dating a girl about 8 years ago and she got pregnant. She miscarried about a month in and I decided that I wanted to get a vasectomy. She and I split up and my next girlfriend and I were well into 3 years of dating when she got pregnant. I knew the baby wasn’t mine because I didn’t go to “Filthy Pete’s house of vasectomy and corner drug store” in Mexico to get the procedure done, so I was pretty safe in believing she cheated on me.

About 7 months into the pregnancy she started being an uber mean girl of the highest degree so we split up and she threatens to take me to court for child support.
I tell her she can try and after the baby is born, sure enough, I get a summons to court.

I deny that the baby is mine and demand a paternity test and while we both were waiting, I informed her about my vasectomy before we even met.

I gotta give it to her, she held on to the lie that it was my child till the very end. But you should have seen the look on her face in the courtroom when the judge read out that I wasn’t the father.” source

13. This Employee Stood Their Ground Even When Their Employer Backed Them To Return

NordWood Themes

“I used to work with a woman who consistently took credit for my work. Later, she left the company and I and another person became co-managers. After a few months in the post, they told us they were thinking of bringing the other woman back.

I told them if they did, I would leave. They told us they were still thinking about it and they would let us know before they did anything.

Well, a few days later we got called into the office and she was there. They told us they were definitely bringing her back. I stood my ground and quit then and there.
It was extremely scary because I’d just rented a new apartment and I didn’t have another source of income.

I left there and went to my uncle’s place of business to use his computer and type up a resume so I could start looking for another job the next day. When I got home, I had a message from a friend who used to work at the company I worked at, but had gone to another company in the same field.

The message said that they were looking for help, and to give them a call. I called right away and got an interview the next morning. I got the job and started the day after that.

A week later, one of the senior managers from the other company who drank a lot, phoned me while intoxicated. He was crying and begging me to come back, but I said no. After two weeks in post, the new place gave me a massive raise and benefits, which the other place never would have done. These were both security companies by the way, and the woman who got brought back later stole the identity of one of their employees and used the other woman’s information to get a credit card and build a deck on her house.

I knew she was a stupid cow all along, they just wouldn’t believe me.” AnandaUK

12. This Poor Girl Was Abused, Lectured, And Called A Liar By Her Own Family


“A family friend was creeping on me when my parents were out of town for a number of weeks. I was 15, he was 40. I refused to be intimate with him. He kept trying to touch me and kiss me and was always around.

So he went to my aunt and told her I was being rude to him, and she drove over to give me a lecture. I told her what was going on, and asked her not to bring it up with him because I thought I had it handled. She promised.

Then she went and asked him about it. He said I was lying. She believed him instead of me, came over again the next morning, and said I was a horrible person and I could have ruined his life with lies like that.

He continued to harass me, my aunt was nasty to me, and when I told a neighbor, she said that I was ‘clearly already sleeping with him and should stop lying.’ The neighbor lady was the person who was supposed to be keeping an eye on me while my parents were away…

I reversed my sleep cycle to avoid potentially being alone when he might come around and stopped talking to anyone.
I was a virgin until I was 19. Forget those people.” acorn girl

11. After Throwing Her Under The Bus, This Employee Was Caught Redhanded

Marcus Aurelius

“I was an HR manager for a small company that shared an office with a mid-sized business.

Their HR manager really disliked us, mainly because our company cultures really clashed. It wasn’t a big deal for a long time, maybe just a little tense, until one day they decided to terminate one of the shared administrative staff members. I wasn’t part of this decision, though I agreed with it, and technically that was their employee.

The other HR Manager (let’s call her Cheryl) calls me into her office to inform me the next morning that this admin had been let go. Cheryl made it clear: I was not to e-mail our company’s employees and inform them of the change in employment status. As she put it ‘They’ll find out when they get in and she isn’t here, and if they don’t, well, that’s not my problem.’ Lovely.

That is not how to handle communication matters in my company, and I was completely uncomfortable with it.

So I go to a VP and discuss what we should do. He says to hold off for a day, let everything settle, then go back and work out a strategy with Cheryl on how to redirect employees who used the old admin until we can hire a new one.
Most of our employees, unlike theirs, work out in the field, so it would be important to communicate with those individuals specifically, but it could hold a day. We knew that the old e-mail for the admin was being forwarded to Cheryl, so at least someone was watching the e-mails in case something critical came through.

Ok, cool.

Not two hours later, Cheryl comes barreling into the cubical area of our office screaming about how our employees are idiots. They clearly are too dumb to understand that the employee who was terminated the night before was no longer with the company. She was sick of getting our stupid e-mails and didn’t want to have to deal with our incompetent employees e-mailing her non-stop. I was a horrible HR manager, I didn’t know how to control my people. I clearly wasn’t able to handle my job. Just insulting me, our employees, the entire company at the top of her psychotic lungs.

I was clearly to blame, and she was going to get me in so much trouble. She goes running into the CEO’s office and starts flipping out about me.

It was a complete disaster. She had friggin set me up as a scapegoat in case her lovely approach to HR went wrong, and when it did immediately, she tried to throw me under the bus for something she did! I believe that someone had sent the admin a time-critical e-mail the night before, and Cheryl hadn’t caught it, and the deadline had passed for the item maybe 15 minutes before she actually opened the request.
Thankfully, I’d already talked to the VP, who was a lifesaver. Cheryl was reminded that whatever had happened was her fault, and she was told behind closed doors that if she ever did that again, our company would be logging major complaints with her company, and the CEOs of the two companies were close friends.

She told every new hire they had that our company was full of lazy, entitled a-holes, and actively encouraged hostility between people in each company. She forbid our company from going into their part of the office, despite the shared (and partially paid for by us) soda fridge being over there. Would host ‘office lunches’ for her company, and bring the leftovers across the hall to other companies so that our employees couldn’t get some. It was the pettiest, childish reaction to her attempt to slander me and get me in trouble.

We moved offices in under six months.” Strange_Who_Fanatic

10. When This Employee Said They Were Sexually Harassed, They Opened Up A Whole Can Of Worms

Priscilla Du Preez

“I was doing an exit interview with a female marketing person.

As the interview came to an end she stood up and said, ‘Oh, and by the way, John McJerkface has been sexually harassing me for weeks.
I thought I would mention that.’

I stopped her before she could walk out of my office because, even though she said it so nonchalantly as she was walking out of the exit interview, the other guy still worked there. I, and the company, would have to take it seriously and investigate. While I was pulling more details out of her she said that he was sending her texts on her company phone. When I asked if she had turned the phone in yet, she told me it was in her purse. I asked her to hand over the phone, and she initially refused.

After I reminded her it was company property she relented.

This is where things got really shady. I looked through the first 100 texts between them, and it was definitely inappropriate material on both sides. I had to contact our cell service company and get a full dump of the messages. What we ended up printing out was a 300+ page transcript of messages between the two of them. McJerkface was way the heck out of line, for sure; but we ended up piecing together the whole story just from the text messages.

McJerkface and Shady Girl started dating not long after she started.
They exchanged loads of dirty text messages, and loads of racist remarks about other employees, between the two of them over the course of a few months.

He dumped her and then proceeded to try and keep a Friends With Benefits relationship with her by constantly asking her to ‘just come over and hook up’ when he couldn’t find any better prospects. They went back and forth for several weeks until she found another job, and that was when she backed away from him.

Now, he definitely got what was coming to him, but she admitted to us that she only waited to tell us when she was on the way out the door was because she knew we would find out the stuff she was saying/doing as well; which would have meant she would have been fired for making racist comments about other employees. I honestly can’t say whether she would have been fired or reprimanded had she told us sooner due to how awful his side looked, but I was glad her leaving meant we could get rid of two awful people.” sarcastastico

Another User Comments:

“Why in the world would they use a company phone for all that stuff? It seems pretty obvious to me that a company phone should have just about only professional conversations and such.” Klye14

9. After Lying To His Boss, This Backstabber Got What He Deserved


“Some equipment went missing from our storage cabinet.

It wasn’t too expensive or irreplaceable, but still, it had to be investigated. I work in a pretty small office so the number of people that could be involved was fairly limited.

So I talk to a couple of managers and employees and try to keep it low key. Then out of nowhere a wild jerk appears and goes to my boss and accuses me of stealing the equipment (which of course I didn’t do). It happened to be someone that I had hired as a favor to a friend that referred him to me. So I had bent over backward getting him an easy job and good pay, and this is how he returned the favor.

So I talked to my boss and I asked if I could fire him and he said yes.

So I fired him. He stormed out shouting to everyone in the office that he had done nothing wrong. It seemed like he interpreted it as me firing him for stealing, which just wasn’t the case. I fired him for backstabbing me.” greentreesbreezy

8. After Finding Him A Date, This Friend Was Only Interested In His Romantic Demise

Jacob Townsend

“My buddy introduced me to a lady-friend of his at a party.
I took an interest in her, asked my buddy if he was cool with me asking her out and he told me to go for it. She and I had what I thought was a great date. My buddy called me the next day to tell me that the lady wasn’t interested and couldn’t see a way to let me down gently, so she asked him to tell me to break all contact.

About two months later, I was kinda tipsy and calling various folks. I decided to call the lady up and ask her why she had blown me off. She said that my buddy had told her I wasn’t interested and that I wouldn’t be calling her anymore.

I would find out later that my buddy had done what he did because he worked with her and had a huge crush on the girl, knew he wouldn’t ever be able to get together with her and felt that when I asked him for his ok, I had put him on the spot and couldn’t find the courage to ask me to back off.

Once everything was out in the open, we made plans to go out again but didn’t inform my friend that we had uncovered the deception.

That was tough to do because I was thoroughly angry. I avoided the guy for the next month, ignoring phone calls etc. He found out about it when I came to pick her up at work one night. Nobody said a word, he just looked at us like we had crushed his soul. It had been her idea to do this, and I was gleefully happy with the idea of doing that until after I had actually done it. And then a really weird thing happened.

My relationship with this lady became all about getting revenge on my friend. Whenever there was a silent moment between us, she’d break it by reminding me of what a jerk he had been. A few weeks into it, she’d break the silence by telling me embarrassing stories about him.

It seemed like the only thing we really had in common was that we were angry at my friend. I broke it off after about two months.

It would be several months until I patched things up with my friend. Ran into him at one of the local bars, and, after a talk about it, we patched things up.” thesink

7. This Boss Tried To Backstab His Own Employees, But Was Cut Off Before He Could

Alvin Mahmudov

“I had a department head in maintenance who asked me to stop an employee from smiling.
It was a union shop and he decided employees could no longer read on their breaks. Not lunch or coffee breaks.

This employee started having a newspaper hanging out of his back pocket. My boss told me to have him stop doing that.

I refused and told him what the person had in his pocket was not under our control.

Then, when this same employee started smiling at him whenever he saw him, he blew up. He ordered me to tell him to stop smiling at him. I asked him if he was nuts, ‘You want me to go out there and tell him to look sad every time he sees you so you’ll feel better?’ I told my boss he needed to talk to HR about this request. Eventually, the company fired him after I got promoted to another factory and the next guy reported his shenanigans.” Glassman59

Another User Comments:

“I wonder what his story was. And what he is doing right now. Keep smiling at bs man.

That’s how you get through this life.” Itstartswithb

6. Her Friend Slept With Her Boyfriend, Told Her, And Laughed About It The Entire Time

Matthew Henry

“I was in what I later realized was a very bad relationship, but at the time, this dude was like a religion to me.
I was crazy about him. My best friend at the time was sort of a ‘mean girl’, but I wasn’t very good at making friends so I put up with her being cruel to people. She would never do anything to hurt me right?

Anyway, that relationship started getting abusive, but I kept with it because, you know, I was young and stupid. I convinced myself that if I tried a little harder, everything would just fix itself.

It didn’t, and after a few months, we broke up.

Sometime later, I was at a party, and my ‘friend’ was a bit tipsy. She told me (laughing the entire time) how she and my ex were sleeping with each other two weeks after we started dating. She details how they would hook up while he was talking to me on the phone and then laugh about it. She went on to detail all of the ways and places they used to sneak around to sleep with each other….and this was the girl I would cry to when my ex would abuse me.

She didn’t seem to have any idea that what she was saying was messed up. She actually thought that I would think it was funny too.” imhereforthemeta

5. His Girlfriend Cheated On Him, His Friends Knew, And No One Breathed A Word

Austin Distel

“My girlfriend of 2.5 years cheated on me.

With a mutual friend.

I found out because the scumbag left his Facebook logged in on my PC. I had always been suspicious of the two, but I’d taken my girlfriend’s word for it over my gut feeling. I had just wanted to know for sure, we weren’t even dating at that point, I needed to know for my own peace of mind. I didn’t realize I’d find a graphic facebook message thread spanning 5 months into our relationship describing all the nasty they got up to. Things like her thinking about staying at my place, but working out the pros and cons of doing such a thing. (pros: I had great Internet, cons: me).

It really tears into you, I also found there were other mutual friends who were aware of what the two were up to, but neglected to mention it to me, so on top of being cheated on, I felt like the court jester of the group.

I wish these excuses for human beings would just find each other and hook up and cheat on each other to their heart’s content.” joos1986

4. This Employee’s Backstabbing Plan Rebounded And Cost Them Their Job

Matthew Henry

“This happened to me. I had a co-worker who was overall hated for being a control freak, nosy, telling people what to do, just generally being insufferable but also started to really slack on their job.
Things like showing up late, not doing basic duties.

This other woman and I were really working our butts off for a couple of weeks on some deadlines. I found out she went to our boss and told her that I and the other co-worker where slacking, even accused us of literally sleeping on the job.

I was floored because at that point, I had kept all my feedback to myself even covered up for her just to not cause trouble.

After that, I gave up and stopped covering for her. She was promptly let go about six weeks later when it becomes abundantly clear that she was slacking. I’m still shocked because if she had kept her mouth shut, she probably would have stayed because overall she had a sweet deal because I and many others just minded our own business.” Ziggybut812

Another User Comments:

“I can’t understand how people who aren’t giving 100% at their job dare to critic others. Like, are they stupid or do they actually think they are in the position to tell people what to do?” Kleens_The_Impure

3. They Accused Them Of Customer Poaching, But This Lawyer Won The Battle

Samatha Hurley

“My wife and I have a line of skincare products we make and sell at, you guessed it, farmer’s markets.

If you’ve done enough fairs and farmers’ markets, you understand that you should stagger booths that sell similar products.

So this past year, another skincare booth shows up at the market, but the new market manager puts us directly next to each other. At first, no big deal. Our products, though on the same spectrum, are at different ends of the spectrum. Also, they are Star Wars and Marvel fans, and so am I. It seemed like we were coexisting. I also offered that if they felt like being next to one another was an issue, I would have the market manager move us to another spot. They said no, it was fine.

A few weeks later, my wife and I go to a wedding and miss that week’s market.

When we returned, we were in a new spot, and the market manager came to see me about a complaint filed against us. Most markets do not tolerate vendors bad mouthing each other and poaching customers. They wanted to do a hearing with the governing board of the market.

My corporate and legal training kicked in, and I fired off an email to the market manager and her boss showing that the pitch we used at the market, which was the same pitch we’d used for the last 3 years at this same market, could be found on our website, Amazon shop, Etsy shop, eBay shop, and Facebook page.
I never heard anything about it again. ‘Adult’ is only a word because I find most ‘adults’ just act like children.” jungle4john

2. Seeing A Friend Go Through A Bone Marrow Transplant Wasn’t Enough To Deter This Jerk From Spending All Their Donations


“Eleven years ago, my husband had a bone marrow transplant.

While we were in the big city for this (about three months) we had friends and family taking up donations and paying our bills with them. One of these ‘friends’ kept the money for herself and let our bills go in arrears. When I found this out, my husband was basically fighting to live through the worst part of the recovery process of a bone marrow transplant. Made me sick.” Lurking_monkey

Another User Comments:

“Seriously, how do all these people post these horrible things that have happened to them and not describe what they did to get back at them. I would have literally spent the next 5-10 years of every free second I had to destroy her life, credit, property, and hopefully freedom, but getting her in court.

People are so messed up.” hemochromatosis

1. You Want To Snore All Night? I’ll Tickle You And You Won’t Even Know It!


“I love being cuddled by my boyfriend right before I fall asleep.
But I’m like a cat with belly rubs, no more than a few minutes before I don’t like it anymore. He normally gets that, we part our ways to other sides of the bed and all is well.

Until a couple of hours into the night. He will (while still asleep) manhandle me into the little spoon position! And being a light sleeper, it wakes me up no problem because being shoved over into your side is just lovely at 1 am.

He is also a huge snorer and grinds his teeth during the night.

Incessantly. It’s awful. The noise haunts me. The fan does nothing to drown out those noises right. In. My. Ear.

We’ve been living together for 1.5 years and the solution just came to me a couple of nights ago.

I have curly long hair that I tie up on top of my hair cause I hate the feeling of hair in my face. So now, I loosen my clips a bit, tilt my head back, and tickle his nose with my hair.

It annoys him enough that he halfheartedly wakes up scratching his nose, not knowing why. He resumes the big spoon position, starts drifting off, and I repeat the hair in the face move.
Grumbling, he flips over onto his other side leaving me alone.

At least the snoring and grinding noises are happening in the opposite direction than right in my ear.” Night_777

Some of these narratives had a satisfying ending with the backstabber being served a fresh dish of revenge. Have you (or someone you know) ever got back at someone who deserved nothing but the worst for their vile actions? Tell us your fascinating tale in the comment section.