People Share The Best Revenge They Got On Their Cheating Partner


I often put cheaters into one of three categories: the ones who cheat on impulse but later snap to their senses, those who cheat because they’ve been missing something in their current relationship for quite some time, or those who cheat simply because they can and want to.

Although I don’t ever condone cheating, ever, I’d say the third group is the absolute worst. These people tend to feel little to no guilt after cheating, no matter how great and stable their current relationship is. Due to that, they’re more likely to not only plan out cheating prior to it occurring but are also more likely to engage in long-term affairs. And they seem to be the most likely to cheat again. Why? Because they too often use cheating as a source of power, as a way to hurt their partner, and/or selfishly meet their needs. In their head, they don’t see the problem with cheating; all they see is how it’s profiting them.

But no matter how severe the cheating, many partners have zero tolerance for it. Some will simply end the relationship. As for others, they’ll make sure to get back at their partner for hurting them by causing an inconvenience to them or planning full-fledged revenge.

That’s exactly what happens in these stories!

15. I Forced Her To Advertise Herself As A Cheater


“I was with this girl named Cindy for three years. Cindy was my first real girlfriend and I was a victim of being blinded by what I thought was love. The first year was ok other then her being childish and controlling. The second-year sucked bad but I didn’t know how to break up with her so I dealt with it. I suspected her of cheating on me several times at this point. At the beginning of the third year, she, unfortunately, went blind. We were both devastated and the next two months were very difficult, to say the least. At this point, I didn’t even think about breaking up with her because I didn’t want to leave her when she needed me the most. She would get lost walking from the couch to the refrigerator.

Anyway, I did absolutely everything for her. I mean everything from wiping her butt to getting her a glass of water and everything in between. With my help, she eventually adjusted as much as would be expected. We got in contact with our local dhs office and with there help we got the ball rolling on getting her enrolled in a school for the blind in Chicago.
She had to gain a certain level of independence in order to attend, and with my help, she was accepted. This is when it really goes downhill.

She goes to school and within 24 hours decides to break up with me. We talk through it and stay together. I pay all the bills and give her spending money and buy train tickets back and forth all the while she never wants me to come visit, seems fishy to me. The entire first semester is rough for me.

We fight the entire time she was home during the break. A week into the second semester we barely talk. I have a few too many drinks one night and all my frustrations from the last two years got the best of me and called her a cheating (bleep). She breaks up with me and I’m sad.

She comes home to gets her things and moves out of my house and into an apartment with a guy from school the next week. A semester goes by and I never hear from her until she breaks up with this guy and moves back home. We start talking about getting back together so I get her old roommate’s number because I have questions that need to be answered.
I call her up and she tells me everything I need to know. She had cheated on me with four people during the first semester then hooked up with a guy the night we broke up.

I told her to come get the rest of her stuff from my place. While she is there I delete her text to speech app from her phone. I have a big sharpie and write ‘I am a cheating (bleep)’ on several of her shirts. I throw her crap out in the yard and kick her out. Myspace was still a thing at this time so I posted all kinds of stuff about her being a cheater. It was a couple of weeks later she finally admits everything after denying it for months. She even admitted to cheating before she went blind. It was only recently I learned that she wore at least two of the shirts I wrote on out in public. One of them several times. That had me messed up for a while but it is satisfying knowing she wore the shirts and advertised her cheating ways for the whole world to see.” badword4

14. He Got Cheated On, But Then Lived His Best Life And Got The Last Laugh


“I was what a lot of people called a dog.

But I was a dog that told the truth. I never told one of the many, many girls I dated I loved them or that I was going to marry them. In fact, it was just the opposite I always told them upfront I’m just here for a good time as a song goes. It worked for me as many a girl said that I was a challenge that they were willing to take. I would just smile and nod my head. I was a young single E5 in Germany for two years and for my first year in Hawaii, I was having fun with a capital F.

Well, fast forward I meet this girl in Hawaii. We hit it off. She was a former model and had everything going for her. She was gorgeous, smart, funny, the total package After about a month or so I told her that I was developing feelings for her and I was willing to take a chance, on being just a one-woman guy.

She was pretty happy too and said she wanted to be just with me. Later on, we’d even talk of a ring and possibly making plans for the next year. Now, we were together a little over 6 months.
She said she had never felt this way about anyone, and I said in my mind and to married friends, wow this is how it really supposed to be right. That is until she had to go home (Utah) for a family emergency. I called her one day and a boy (an old flame) answered the phone. I heard the shower running, and I then heard her say to the boy, “that was amazing, let’s just skip going out for dinner and stay in for dessert.”I had heard this same line before from her when we were dating or together and I knew exactly what dessert meant. I told the guy hey dude have a good time and tell (name) that Alan said to have a great life.

I, of course, was upset. I later heard that the shower incident happened after a lot of alcohol was involved, but really it does not matter.

Not even a good week later, I met my now wife of 35 years. It was her first day in Hawaii as an operating room Tech in the Army. We met because I had sworn off girls (all my soldiers laughed when I said this) and I was actually playing basketball in the middle of the quadrangle where the barracks were.
At that time replacement or where new soldiers come into an Army post was located in the same barracks. Two months later we were married and before our first anniversary, we had our first kid. It was more than nine months as I know some of you were thinking we had to get married but we didn’t. Ha!

Now for the Revenge part kinda sorta maybe. Not long after my now-wife and I started dating I was pulling CQ or charge of quarters when all of a sudden my ex-girlfriend shows up.

She was crying, telling me how she messed up her life worse than anything she’s ever imagined, and how she would do anything to get me back. I listened quietly, then said you did screw up but you know what? it really turned out okay for me. I thanked her for taking that shower and then I said, ‘As a gentleman, I’m going to walk you back out to your car.’ We stopped at the soda machine because she said she was thirsty. She then point-blank asked me, “Have you (bleeped) her yet?” I said, no. She then kinda smiled. I said no, “I (bleeped) you, I’ve made love to her.’ Mic drop!” Source

13. I Scared Him With Pictures Of Clowns


“A while back, I was engaged to a guy who seemed like a good choice.
Attractive, funny, good job, owned a home.

I learned he had a bit of a downside, though: He was a cheating slimeball mofo.

Not just a one-time one-night-stand with after too much to drink, which I would have still been angry about but could have probably gotten over, but repeatedly with more than one woman.

I picked up on a few cues but eventually had things confirmed beyond a shadow of a doubt. I was venting to my brother about this and told him about how I planned to move out while The Butthead was out on a week-long business trip.

He volunteered to help me before I asked, and then got this amazing devious grin on his face.

“We can also leave a memento for him,” he said. When I asked what he meant, he said “Pennywise and his friends.”

You see, he was scared of clowns. Not just a little uncomfortable, but super-hardcore-to-the-max terrified of them. Even as a grown man a clown on a TV show, webcomic, or book would freak him out and he’d have to change the channel or click away.

My brother owns a print shop and is protective of his little sister.

In a couple of weeks leading up to Buttface’s trip, he printed off dozens of pictures of clowns in various sizes.
Ranging from really small wallet-sized ones to big poster-sized prints. We framed most of the stuff in some super cheap plastic frames. Others we laminated.

We managed to move all of my stuff out pretty quickly, which gave us a lot of time to get things set up for my ex.

We took down every single framed picture and put up framed clown pictures. The clowns ranged from average clown to nightmare-fuel hellspawn. Pictures on the walls, art prints, photographs in frames on tables. You name it, it was replaced with a clown picture.

Where we became really devious was taking the laminated ones and placing them in things like the silverware drawer, the underside of the toilet lid (so when he went to pee, he’d be greeted with this when he lifted the seat), in the fridge and freezer, on the back of cleaning bottles, in his underwear drawer, and a bunch of other places.

We even made sure to put some in places that he wouldn’t go into for a while so he’d get a scare months later. He had one of those attic accesses that you have to pull down on and a ladder descends. We put a big laminated clown face on there so when the ladder flipped open for him to climb, he’d get a clown face.
While we were setting this up, I went a step further and changed the wallpaper on his desktop computer to a clown. I also took about 10 of his favorite movies that he had on DVD and replaced them with home-burned DVDs that had clown footage. They autoplay, and we’d printed up labels that looked like the original DVD artwork.

We put all of his original artwork and DVDs in the basement, off the ground and protected from damage. But surrounded by giant clown posters of Pennywise and the like.

And a motion sensor that, when triggered, would play a creepy clown laugh.

I left a note on the kitchen table that said “I know about [names]. (Bleep) you. I’m out.”

After a few days of hard work of moving me out and moving a few clown cars worth of terror in, my brother his wife and I celebrated by grilling some steaks and having a few drinks. These were paid for by the engagement ring I sold.

Once the dummy returned, I got a text message or two that was along the lines of “You (bleep)!” It must have taken him days to take care of the photos out in the open alone.

There was never any further action or legal repercussion for what we’d done.
After all, what grown man would want to say that his (ex) fiancee scared him with clown pictures?” we_all_float_derry

12. I Made Her Think I Gave Her An STD


“In college, I met the woman who I thought was my one.

We dated for about 2 years and had a huge wedding after a 10-month engagement, her family was pretty well-to-do in a small southern town. We were both continuing our educations and I was also working to support us. I was pursuing a master’s in engineering while she was finishing her doctorate in anthropology.

Over the summer an opportunity came up for her to make some extra money going as an aid on a religious studies trip to Jamaica. I didn’t hesitate when she asked me about it, I mean, she was going to get to visit Jamaica and get paid for it, I saw no downside other than missing her being at home for 6 weeks.

Little did I know at the time, but she had been hooking up with the professor (he had hung out with us, drank my drinks and I considered him a friend) who arranged the trip for a couple of months and it was a getaway for them to bang all over the island.

I, clueless and happy went about the weeks while she was gone taking extra shifts so I could match what she made in our account and surprise her. What a doorknob, right?

One of the students from the trip actually sought me out to clue me in. I didn’t believe him until I started looking for evidence on my own. I broke down and checked her texts while she was sleeping and nothing was there. There were a few VMs so I decided to listen and there it was, a message from that giant a-hole saying how exciting it was that I almost caught them. I opened up her laptop and hit the emails after that, it was piles and piles of crap, making fun of me for not knowing, hooking up in our bed and laughing about it. There was so much and I was so heartbroken.

Still too hurt to take any action, I was lost.

I had no idea what to do, so I sat on it for a couple of weeks and acted as normally as I could, I noticed everything now, I felt SO stupid for not seeing it before. So many signs. One stuck out in particular.
I noticed that our stash of homemade massage oil (if you’ve never tried it, I highly recommend giving it a go) was going down even though we weren’t intimate. It was obvious they were also using the fruits of my labor to pleasure each other more effectively. This really ticked me off. Like unreasonably so, Hulk flipping mad. It finally all hit me. I was a joke to these fools and they were using the oil I made and hooking up in my bed. I didn’t hurt anymore, I just wanted to make them hurt.

So, while she was “studying at the library” I made a new batch of oil.

I also added some poison ivy from our backyard to the mixture, and after refilling the spray bottle we used for application, I waited.

A few days go by and I’m working extra so I can be out of the house more, and bam, bait taken. That night after she goes to sleep my plan goes into action. I sneak her phone away and delete my contact, while replacing his phone number in his contact as mine. I go to bed but can’t sleep because it feels like I’m 5 and tomorrow is Christmas.
Dawn arrives and she’s in the shower. I get a text.

‘I’m super itchy are you ok?’

Now is my time.

‘Look, I thought it had cleared up but I guess I had a flare-up. I’m sorry, but I’ve got an STD, and I guess you do now too.’

I heard this woman squeak in the shower. I’m covering my mouth darn near losing it.

I went on to tell her that it was time to end things now, a new semester was about to start and I kind of have a little crush on another T/A. I wanted her mad, this is a woman that never got told ‘no’ growing up, and never had to deal with rejection. Let alone from a balding dude in his 50s with an STD.

When she got out of the shower it was obvious she had been crying but I could see the anger in her eyes. I could see how uncomfortable she was squirming at the table drinking coffee and mulling the situation over. Another little nudge is what she needed. The reply she got to her pages and pages of anger and sadness was: ‘Thanks for the good times, but can you keep this a secret between us, I don’t want to ruin my chances with anyone else.’ She’s flush with anger now, just seething, she gathered her keys and headed out the door without even saying goodbye…

I knew where she was going.

I booted up her laptop and set it to reformat, deleting her dissertation and any notes pertaining to it before following her to campus, I parked a few lots over and rush over to his office where I find her screaming at him for giving her an STD. There are lots of people there. Professors, aids, students, other faculty. I’m dying. He is beyond embarrassed and confused. She is ugly crying in front of her peers, I’m in heaven. I didn’t even care that people were going to think I had an STD too.

The fallout was apocalyptic in their department.

He lost his job due to the code of conduct at the university, we got divorced the following year (state law was we had to be separated for one full year before being granted a divorce). I got to keep most of the assets (primarily savings and not a ton, but I worked for it).

She never finished her doctorate and went on to be a perpetually pregnant housewife that sells Herbalife on Facebook and he teaches high school now. It took a few years for it all to unfold, but watching it was glorious.” dos-stinko-uno-pinko

Another User Comments:

“As they say, revenge is best served cold.
I would have lost it as soon as I found out and would have never had the time to plan something so epic.

How’s your love life now? Have you ever trusted another woman after that?”


“I’ve always been pretty calm, I can usually think my way through things better if I approach it rationally, hence the career in engineering. I was proud of myself for that though, you never really know what you have in you until you need it.

My love life now is amazing. I have a smoking hot amazing wife.

Getting through this situation without crumbling into a mess gave me the biggest confidence boost.

Dating was easer after this happened and I got a touch of notoriety at school for my stunt.”

11. Beg For Me To Take You Back? Meet Matt


“So I’d been on and off with this girl for a while. She was smoking hot, solid 9/10. She and I just kind of clicked right off the bat and it felt very natural. She seemed pretty smart too, felt like I lucked out. Boy, was I wrong.

We were at that awkward ‘friends but not friends’ stage for about half a year and then one night she drops the L bomb.
I’m totally cool with it too, let her know I feel the same way. We dated for about a year.

Then it all gets weird. I post some stupid cute comment on her Facebook picture, just trying to be sweet, and this dude comes in telling me I’m too slow on the draw and he’s prince charming.

Red flags now, this guy sounds pretty confident. The ‘we’ve been talking about stuff’ kind of confident. I confront her about it and she insists they are just friends (yeah, right) and that they just started talking last month. I’m not stupid. I tell her either she cuts contact with him or I’m walking. She chooses the latter because ‘he’s a really great guy.’ Okay, whatever. I’ll get over it. Just another woman who wants to waste my time.

About a month later, she comes back crying and insists she loves me, we are meant to be together, and that guy was such an insensitive jerk (he hooked up with her and bailed from what I understand).

I know she’s full of crap but on the off chance she’s serious, I have her swear that she loves me and there’s no going back this time.

Enter Matt Vanguard (dota 2 players will get the reference).

I set up a fake profile with a sizable library of handsome photos from some random guy I found online. Then I add enough info and friends to make it believable, then add her and start chatting her up on this fake account.

She swears left and right that this time is different, meanwhile “Matt” is scoring her number and setting up dates (I had an alternate phone number thanks to Text Plus, free text, and calling). I’m so PO’d. It takes a real heartless person to sit there confessing their love to someone they’ve been with for a year and a half while simultaneously setting up a date with someone else they’ve never even met and know nothing about. Yea, I’m definitely burning this shallow bee with an itch to the ground.  I even did my best to make “Matt” sound like kind of an idiot and kind of an a-hole.

She dropped the “babe” word for example and Matt responded with ‘don’t call me that again, got it? I’m not your babe.’

So she’s going to school and takes the bus back and forth. Otherwise, it’s a 3-hour walk. I know her classes run pretty late, and buses don’t run forever, you know? So Matt is going to pick her up after school in his super fancy car and take her on the most romantic date of her life, or at least that’s what she thinks.
He conveniently doesn’t get off work until about an hour after she gets out of class. She says that’s fine and she’ll just study until Matt arrives. Meanwhile, I’m asking her (as myself) if she wants to hang out and she says she has some extracurricular things going on and her friend is going to give her a ride home. Haha. Eff you.

So she hits up “Matt.”

Her: ‘Hey are you almost here? If not I have to take the bus because they stop running soon…’

You can tell she’s a little annoyed.

He says:

‘Yea sorry, I had to do overtime. We were super busy tonight. I’m leaving now.’

Her: ‘Okay can’t wait to see you!’

Oh, you can. You can and you will.

Time drags by, Matt is now an hour late, he’s super apologetic and he’s speeding to the school to go get her.

‘Crap! I just got pulled over…I shouldn’t have been speeding but I felt bad for being late.’

Her: ‘ ..Seriously? Wow…well get here as soon as possible.’

Time keeps ticking and she is miffed at that point. Matt is hours late. Finally, I break the news.

‘Sorry, I don’t go out on dates with lying (bleeps).’

Her: ‘What??! What are you talking about?’

“This isn’t Matt.
This is (my name).’

Her: ‘You guys know each other?!’

No. I set you up to see if you were still unfaithful. And you are.

Then she has the nerve to tell me she wasn’t actually going to meet up with him. Are you freaking kidding me?

‘Don’t talk to me anymore.

And I suggest you start walking. I think you missed your bus.’

Months go by and she hits me up. She’s very apologetic and says the whole incident has been replaying in her mind. I tell her I appreciate it and I’m willing to be friends, but I have a girlfriend (I didn’t) and even if I didn’t I wouldn’t date her again. She says she understands. And the subject of our falling-out comes up another day, she says her 3-hour walk of shame was the worst she’s ever felt in her life. Good. It was the best I’ve ever felt in mine.” [deleted]

10. Lie And Cheat And Try To Make It Up To Me? Too Late, I’ll Just Date Your Sister


“I once caught my ex-girlfriend and her lover in the act. What I did was order that conniving, lying, cheating woman to leave the bedroom (she foolishly gave me a key to her apartment), before deciding to taunt the guy who was with her with insults about him being a coward by keeping their tryst a secret from me, tricking him into attacking me first so I can justify my smackdown of him as self-defense.

At one point, I even rammed my thumbs into his eyes, before grabbing him by the collar and throwing him down the stairs and out of the house. Then when my ex asked me what it would take for me to forgive her, I lied that I wouldn’t leave her if she let me have my way with her, fulfilling my own fantasies. She complied and did as she was told. I said to her it was great and that I was breaking up with her anyway before leaving her place. Later that night, I stopped by at her older sister’s place and asked her to pretend to be my new girlfriend after telling her about her sibling’s treachery, and she consented. I still laugh every time I think about the cheating ex-girlfriend’s face when she saw a photo of me and her sister together. Now we are actually together for real.

If you are in a marriage and your wife has cheated, I suggest not filing for divorce as that can be very costly, and instead of behaving in a way that would make your wife unable to tolerate you and willing to leave so that she doesn’t have to put up with your mess.
A good friend of mine had that problem and he resolved to go home and sit on the couch naked and drinking, not bothering to clean anything up and throwing rubbish around everywhere, basically giving his cheating wife a very hard time. Within two weeks, the adulterous woman had left and he hadn’t had to pay a dime.” Source

9. She Just Used Me To Leave Her Home Country


“Met my ex while on a trip to Asia. Yes, I’ve got a thing for the Asian girls, and we met through a mutual friend (who lives here in Canada) and had a great time.

I met her in Malaysia, and it was love at first sight for me. This girl was absolutely stunning. We (3 other girls were there also) hung out for 2 days, and while nothing happened, there was a lot of flirting. That should have been my first red flag, as her “flirting” was more like teasing. I’m telling you I would have bet anything that we were gonna hook up on those 2 days, but she was clearly not about to give it up… Frustrating to say the least.

Anyways I left pretty angry that nothing happened between us. Let me stop right here and say that I would have been OK with that, if not for her constant, blatant flirting, and leading me on for 2 days.
Like if nothing’s gonna happen between us, then stop acting like that!

To continue, later I was back in Canada, and she and I started talking on MSN.

That progressed into phone calls, cam shows, and professions of love for each other over the next 5 months. Then comes talking about her coming to see me in Canada. I didn’t realize this, but to come from Malaysia to Canada you need a Visa and have to provide proof of employment, and so on to be allowed to visit. Wouldn’t you know it, she doesn’t work. Anyways she pulls some strings over there and gets help from someone (probably a guy she’s leading on) to falsify some documents for her, and she gets her visa to come to see me for a month. She comes here and it is magical. I’m just crazy about her. Her one month stay turns to six months, then a year. It was such a sweet story… We met for 2 days, half a world away from each other, and fall in love. All the while I’m so in love with her, oh and fully supporting her financially.

She is getting a totally free ride here on me.
Fast forward to about the one-year 9-month mark. She’s acting weird and is all of a sudden very secretive with her phone. Password protected, hiding it, all that bullcrap. This was going on for months. She ignores me when I confront her about it, brushing me off with some talk about having her phone protected if she loses it, etc. I flipping know what’s up. One day she was in the other room, and I take her phone and plug it into the computer. I can’t access her stuff on there through the phone because it’s all password blocked, but you better believe I can look through the files on my computer. I opened one photo. It was all I needed to see. She’s been cheating on me for months with this Chinese dude, leaving me to pick up the tab for her, and her still living with me, rent and worry-free.

That’s what she was doing when I was at work. I was crushed, I kicked her out of my house immediately and she moved straight in with him. I just felt worthless and very stupid. She’s an excellent scammer for sure. I was a mess. Two months later I met a way more awesome girl, who lives here, and works, and is not an awful human being and we are still together!

Also a side note, my dad passed away early this year, and I was heartbroken again, and for whatever reason, I felt the need to contact this awful woman and let her know what happened.
Obviously in our almost 2 years together she knew my dad very well. She told me she didn’t care and to go eff myself. Class act all along.” Source

8. I Picked Up My Life For Her, And She Still Betrayed Me


“We met when we were both young, we hit it off and get together.

We move to her homeland, I struggle with a new country, a new language, getting a job and all that stuff. A few years into this I find out there is some other guy, we fight, we make up, she promises not to see him again.

I don’t want to be a dictator, so when I find out she is still meeting him sometimes for lunch I just try and be cool. On and off, for years, I would worry about this woman, and I would ask her regularly if everything between us was cool, and she would make me feel like this was all good.

We move cities, we get a nice apartment, we start planning kids. I ask her to marry me, we have a huge engagement party, a year or two later we have a massive sick wedding. We have a crazy honeymoon. We start to pick dates on starting with a kid.

We have a kid. A week ago I see yet another text from this dude, and I just snap.

I go into uber detective mode, start cross-examining her, I pick out some details, I isolate her best friend and start getting information out of her. My wife lies every freaking minute, denying details, swearing straight up and down to my face, but ten minutes later admitting more secrets. FOR THREE EFFING WEEKS. Every night is a nightmare as I try to come to terms with whatever new stuff she just admitted, and in the morning I would ask yet again, ‘Is that really it?”, and no, there was always more.

In the end, I just go to this guy’s house and he breaks down and tells me everything. They have been regular hook up buddies for seven years. During our engagement, wedding, right up to where we started to go for kids. (DNA test is in the mail).

My wife was with him without protection and actually contracted an STD from him and never thought to mention it. His partner this whole time also had no clue. My wife had even been with him in our own bed when I was away visiting family.
An almost 15-year relationship down the drain. I wouldn’t even mind so much but this guy is a big fat mess.” Throwaway235191

Another User Comments:
“Your life can really begin from this moment forward, no more lies or pain or suffering. I hope you read this.

It is time to begin a whole new you, find a woman who will love AND RESPECT you. Respect is possibly the most important part of a relationship, it prevents cheating, creates deeper more meaningful love and cultivates friendship.

You must earn this respect by yourself being loyal and loving and providing but maintain a deep friendship with her too. you KNEW she was this way, from years of personal firsthand experiences you knew she was this way yet you CHOSE to stay and be betrayed by both her and yourself…. for whatever reasoning you had, you chose to stick it out.

Now it is time to make the same dedication and decision but for YOURSELF.. stick it out with your heart, don’t give up on it, true love is real and possible and the only thing that will stop you from finding it will be your own cold and broken heart being too unaccepting to welcome this type of love into it.” HelpMeLoseMyFat

7. Want Me To Make You Tea? Okay, I’ll Add A Special Ingredient


“This story is a little less painful than the last time but this happened around two years after the first break up.
I was dating this guy who was a lot more out of the closet then I was at the time. He was my best friend at the time’s older brother. When I would hang out with my friend he would often keep to himself and I don’t know why but something pulled me toward him. At first, It started with just chatting with him while my friends got ready to go somewhere, just enjoying being able to make him smile was enough for me but soon enough I managed to talk him into joining in when we hung out as a group.

It was obvious that we were getting close and almost all of my friends were pushing for the two of us to get together, my best friend especially.

It was around Halloween when I had asked him out and to my shock, he said yes. for the first year, I felt so alive just being around him, enjoying just being in his company whether it be going on dates or just lounging around his house and watching a movie. It was so much so that I practically lived at my best friend’s house being that I still wasn’t out to my parents and didn’t want to have to explain (me being only seventeen and having a nineteen-year-old boyfriend to my father).
It helped that the family supported us, feeling as if I was a member of the family myself.

Things started changing when he built up a bit more confidence with himself and began to gain a group of his own friends.

They were a bit older than him and he looked up to them so he started to change his personality as a way to impress them. It started out with small things like making slight jabs at me when they were around and eventually just anytime he pleased. He started to get pushy about me telling my parents that I was gay so I “Wouldn’t be lounging around his house all the time.”

It progressed to him trying his best to exclude me from hanging out in either friend group, lying about what he was doing, blowing off plans with me, or lying to my friends saying I couldn’t go. I tried to brush off these actions and pretending that what was happening didn’t hurt. It got to the point to where he would even get annoyed at me hanging out with my best friend at their home and completely ignoring me while he hung out with his older buddies.

The only time I had heard him even speak of us being together was when he would make lewd comments regarding our life behind closed doors.
One night my best friend was having a sleepover with me and two of our other friends and like normal we stayed up until late into the morning, energized on energy drinks and soda. It was nice to hang out like old times again with my friends and they seemed to agree with me. We were halfway through a weird conversation about some show or another when my boyfriend came home. The walls were thin in the house so I could hear that he wasn’t alone and the group of us got quiet, us all being very nosy. As soon as they made it into the next room my heart sank at the unmistakable sounds of him and another guy hooking up. My friends were all honestly shocked and attempted to comfort me.

At that point, I felt both sad and angry but felt that storming into the room would do nothing more than give him the satisfaction of seeing me hurt. My friends tried to help me take my mind off of it with various distractions but they could never silence the obvious sounds of my boyfriend and whoever he was with. I tried to pretend like I didn’t hear it not wanting the group to have their sleepover ruined by my drama but no matter what with each sound I could hear through the walls my sadness turned into anger.
Even after my friends crashed, I remained wide awake in the silence of the room with the sounds still very obvious. It wasn’t long before the sounds stop and I see from the crack in the door my boyfriend’s buddy shirtless and disheveled making his way to the front door. Long story short I did not sleep that night and by the next morning, I was still very angry.

My boyfriend was heading out of state to look at a certain college he was hoping to attend so he had to wake up pretty early. I was in the kitchen drinking some hot tea when he woke up. He shamelessly stumbled, half-naked into the kitchen smelling cheap cologne to hide the scent of what he’d been up to all night. He was tugging on one of my old shirts that I had given him for his birthday and attempting to fix his hair like nothing had happened.

“Hey babe, you stayed up all night again?” He asked in a groggy and familiar tone. He knew that I had a tendency not to sleep sometimes, occasionally losing track of time so he didn’t assume anything. I just saw him smiling at me the way he always did and it just made me angrier, knowing he thought I hadn’t caught on.
“Think you could fix me a cup I need to get on the road soon.”

I just stood up and walked around the bar into the kitchen area and pulled out the tea packets.

I sat while the tea kettle boiled and had thoughts of throwing the hot liquid on him but thought against that. When it began to whistle I poured the hot water into his mug and went for the lemon juice he liked to put in his tea every morning. that was when my eyes landed on the lemon-flavored laxative that sat in the fridge. I fixed his tea alright but instead of lemon juice, I poured a good amount of the liquid laxative into his cup (reading the instructions, of course, not wanting to kill him). I also added one of those “partner performance” stimulants that stand on the counter. It was a gag gift from his dad for his last birthday that seemingly never left its spot on the counter. I stirred it really good before returning the tea to him, watching him gulp it down.

He looked at the time, noting that he had to get on the road before traffic, pulling me into a kiss.

I was disgusted by this, tasting another man on his lips as he left out the front.
I watched him leave, waiting a good hour before sending him a voicemail, telling him that it was over. I later told my best friend about what I had done and the two of us still share a laugh about it to this day. My now ex was really angry with me when he came home since he said that he had accidentally soiled himself in traffic and every time he had to make a pit stop, his “excitement” was all too obvious and awkward. I felt bad about it but at the same time felt it is still a bit funny. My ex of course still gives me dirty looks when I come to visit, sometimes getting jealous when he hears me and my best friend talking about other guys. In the end, though I am sad that things happened the way they did but you have to learn from your experiences and grow from them.” serinbaxtor

6. I Got With His Brother


“Eric (19M) and iI(18F) had dated for over three years, starting our junior year of high school.

Everything was great, and we were so in sync that I really thought he was going to be my husband one day.
Now, I feel stupid for even entertaining that thought. I truly loved him back then, but everything changed when we both graduated and went to college.

We ended up having to move in with Eric’s older brother, Jared. Now, I could never tell Eric this but I always found Jared REALLY hot. This guy looked just like Eric with dirty blonde hair and deep blue eyes except he was taller, tanner, more muscular, and kind of better than Eric at almost everything. Jared knew all of this and was the prime example of an alpha male jerk about it. He never let eric live it down, constantly teasing him and making fun of his grades. He would always ask how Eric how he ‘managed to find such a hot piece of meat’ like me to date a loser like him.

Jared would smack my butt when I walked by, and whenever Eric protested, he would ask, ‘What are you going to do about it?’

I would defend Eric sometimes, of course, but it honestly really, REALLY turned me on. Knowing that another hotter version of Eric thought of me like that and was living in the same house was really exciting. So when Eric made a big mistake and messed everything up, I knew what I had to do.
Eric has said before we moved in that he really wanted to join a fraternity, and I argued against it for a bit, but eventually gave up. Eric had always been shy and quiet and I didn’t think it wasn’t a good fit for him. Well, I guess it suited him a little too well. He got carried away and totally hooked up with another girl at a party only one week into the semester.

I was absolutely furious when he told me. I was screaming and crying, but he begged and begged and begged. So I eventually took him back. It’s really mean of me, but I still wanted to get back at him, and I knew just how to do it. I told him it was only fair that if he got to stray, then I got to as well.  Well, Eric agreed and I told him the only condition was that I wouldn’t tell him who it was. He was a little whiny about this but I reminded him that all of this was his fault and he shut up. The deal was going to be that I get to be with one guy, and he’ll never know who or when.
I knew Jared always came in late from partying on Saturdays, so when I heard the door open, I pretended to get up to go get water.

As I walked into the living room, scantily clad and showing a lot of skin,  Jared noticed me immediately. He looked surprised.

He smiled and asked me if I had ‘finally decided to upgrade to the deluxe brother.’ I rolled my eyes and tried to shoot something about just needing to get my water and then get back to bed, but to tell you the truth, my heart was beating so fast. He was blocking the way to the kitchen, so I had to move past him. As I did, he smacked my butt. He laughed, pushed me back and growled in my ear. ‘Don’t lie to me. I heard about that loser cheating on you.’ I tried to mumble something back.

I was HIS after that. I still haven’t talked to Eric about it, but I’ve been spending more and more nights in his brother’s room these days.” cdarwin57

5. I Got Her Disowned By Her Family And Made Her Lose Her Job


“In 2008, I met this amazingly awesome girl in school.

Let’s call her CR.
I was 21 and she was just about to turn 19, and we both knew what love was for the first time in our lives. We were both going to a community college – me for theater design and her for education. We lived about half an hour apart but that was nothing more than a minor inconvenience because we spent every free moment between classes together. Come to think of it, that slight distance was actually pretty nice because being home at least forced us to focus on homework and taking care of ourselves, and visiting each other at home was that much more special. CR graduated with her associates in 2009 and moved away to a state school to finish up her degree in early childhood special education. Like before, the distance was not a concern because it was a short train ride away and I’d spend one or two weekends a month down there with her.

I proposed to her on Valentine’s Day 2010.

School wasn’t really my thing and I ended up enlisting in the USAF that following May and got moved halfway across the country to a place neither of us had ever imagined visiting. However, like before, we wouldn’t let distance get in our way.
Now it should be noted that her mom did NOT like me. I still don’t know why, but she was always the loudest, rudest, most annoying and disrespectful woman I’ve ever met. She was from the city and she married into a family of farmers that owned the land since the 1870s, so that may explain part of her malice. From here on, the awful woman is known as Betty. Another thing to know is that I have a GREAT memory, and this will be important later on in the story.

Anyway, back to the military. I had a two-week break between my training and leaving for my first (and only) duty station, which just happened to be over Christmas and New Years’.

Even though we were engaged we hadn’t really put any consideration into actually getting married. She wanted something small with her family and cousins and I was completely OK with going to a courthouse and getting it over with. I don’t want to sound like I was trying to pressure her into that, but the way I saw it, I would be living in barracks in a few weeks and being married would get me a full monthly housing allowance which I would save to have a “wedding ceremony” when we had time in another year or two.
Basically, get married now, don’t tell anyone (because they would all get upset for not being involved) and have a fake wedding ceremony that would include both of our families and friends. It turns out that because I was living in barracks I wasn’t allowed to collect the housing allowance, and when, 6 months later, they realized I was actually married kicked me out and made me get a house on base.

Either way, we didn’t get married when I was home on leave and took an Amtrak train out west. I highly recommend traveling cross country by train if you have the time.

The first time we were able to see each other after that was during her spring break, which was the first part of March. CR and I finally eloped in a courthouse and spent the next few days glued to each other like every young married couple should. I flew back home for a couple of weeks in June, and this is when things started to unravel. Easter Seals, for those who don’t know, runs summer camps for special needs kids, and my new wife volunteered to be a counselor for the last 7 weeks of the summer.
The last time I saw her that summer was just after her June birthday when I dropped her off at camp.

The rest of the summer was hit or miss getting in touch with her since she was “on the clock” 24 hours a day for 5 days a week and I completely understood her commitment to those kids.

When she was back in school the following fall she became increasingly distant, making excuses about how her phone would be randomly dead at oddly predictable times every week. She flew out to spend Christmas with me in our new house (technically a crappy, mostly empty duplex) and things felt amazing like they had been. After that, however, she went back to being super reclusive like she was the previous semester.

Fast forward to May 2012. I took a whole month of leave to fly home for her graduation and to help move her in with me. I barely recognized her. Every bit of CR’s communication with me was forced and so phony that I should have known what was really happening all along. She had set up what she called “mock interviews” with a couple of grade schools near her hometown, and I actually believed that she was doing it just to get experience interviewing.

What an idiot. When I finally started to catch on to how serious she was about getting a job in our home state, she broke down crying and made it seem like I was forcing her to choose between me and her career, and of course, I wanted to put our marriage before anything else.

Obviously I returned to base without her. A couple of weeks later I pressured her into telling me what the heck was going on… She fell in love with one of her fellow camp counselors and let the affair go on for about 9 months, with claims that she was going to tell me but didn’t know when – the usual “too guilty to tie your own shoes” crap, and she honestly expected me to walk away from our relationship right then and there. No. I fought tooth and nail to hold us together for two months before filing the divorce.

I’m skipping a bunch of sappy details here but the divorce was filed late August and became final that December (mandatory 90 day waiting period in my state).

The pain I suffered in that one-sided relationship is something I would never wish on anybody unless they TRULY deserved it.
Apparently Betty whispered all kinds of lies to her about how I joined the military to get away from her and actually had the gall to blame ME for all the crying and misery her oldest child was going through. My soon-to-be-ex never admitted who was blaming me for everything, but I was really close to her dad and siblings, so I can’t imagine that they would ever suspect me but Betty was so manipulative that by Halloween they had all turned against me. At that point I had it. My anxiety attacks were hitting basically every day. I was miserable, tired of being lied to, tired of the slander, tired of being the bad guy when I was the one who was attacked here.

It started with sending texts to her brothers and sister saying “Hey, I’m actually your brother in law. Nice to know that we don’t keep secrets, right?!” CR exploded, but that was just the beginning. I wrote a 3,000-word letter explaining in every detail I could recall exactly what happened – the fact that we were married (including copies of the marriage license and certificate), our plans for the future and how I was the only one living up to our expectations, where she met the guy she was shacking up with behind my back, his name, address, phone number, camp counselor name so CR would have a harder time refuting it, and a bunch of other information that she made me keep secret from them.
I sent copies to everyone in her extended family (well, everyone I had an address for), her roommates, the summer camp she worked at, close professors she had brought up in old conversations, and the principal of the school she ended up working at.

Calling the fallout catastrophic is an understatement. Her super devout Catholic family basically disowned her, her reputation at her former school was shattered and the tension at her new job was apparently high enough that CR was forced to resign from her position before Christmas break started. Getting those secrets off my chest was the most cathartic moment of my life.” esjay86

4. I Set Up Her And Got Her Husband To Divorce Her


“Little back story. I was married when I was 18, she was 16. We got pregnant after being together for over a year. Neither parents were upset, it was actually her 2nd time being pregnant, she had a son when she was 15. We got married and ended up having 3 more kids together over the next 10 years….this is where it all started going downhill.

After the last kid, she decided to have her tubes tied, I was on board and all was good.

About 6 months after my son was born, the company I was working for took off, and I was put in charge of the paint department (pre-fab steel buildings).
I started working about 80 hours a week trying to get everything up and running. I took about 4 months of this and my hours dropped back to normal, around 50 hours. During these 4 months I was away, my marriage started falling apart. I was hit with the “you are never home anymore”, while she had her hand out for the paycheck of course. I started hearing rumors about her and one of her coworkers. It wasn’t the first time she had cheated on me so it didn’t surprise me at all. I didn’t tell her my hours went back to normal and I showed up at home early to find her and this dude naked on my couch. I freaked out, he went through the front window butt naked.

She grabbed a knife and in a scuffle, I got stabbed in the arm. Neighbors saw this naked dude fly through the window, hop in his car and speed away so they called the cops. I’m standing there bleeding and I get arrested for domestic violence, I never touched her btw. I get down to the police station after they wrap up my arm with a kit they had and book me in.
They take my statement and look confused. Fast forward about an hour and they release me and all charges dropped, thank god. We ended up getting divorced, all in all, it was amicable with good visitation and everything was good. Found out exactly 3 days after the divorce, she married the guy she was cheating on me with. I was still mad, and it dawned on me how to get revenge.

Fast forward to about 6 months. She had stopped by my apartment one afternoon to talk, yep, it was time.

I used every nicety I could find, played the game…got her in bed. I had every kind of nasty intercourse I could think of. After we were laying in bed and she was telling me how bad the marriage was and she wanted to come back to me…bla bla bla. I turned over and looked her straight in the eye, ‘Naaaaa, I got what I wanted, now go home to your husband.’ What she didn’t realize is during the encounter, I had grabbed her phone and dialed her husband and just let it set on the dresser so he could hear everything. She got up got dressed and grabbed her phone, looked at the screen and went white.
I just smiled as she ran out of the house. The guy did divorce her over it. Revenge is sweet. All my kids are grown and out of the house now, and I’m remarried to a wonderful woman who I love with all my heart.

I hear the ex and her ex-husband are back together again and got remarried about a year ago. Too bad I love my wife, I’d get revenge again.” kados14

3. No More Free Netflix For You


Petty but painful.

“So a little back story so this happened about a year or 2 ago I don’t quite remember but the revenge happened today and oh my word it is extremely petty and soo sweet at the same time

So late 2017, I started to date a boy from a rural town in Australia, Vic. Everything was going great and all that the first few months and he lived about 5 hours away via train. We were about 4 or 5 months of visiting and staying for a weekend or so where he decided to stay at my place and move in without consulting my mom or myself on the matter. When the shock passed from the sudden move in everything started to become hard with him.

At the time he moved in, I was working a casual job and about to enter year 11 (last year of high school). He wasn’t working since he moved and he wouldn’t look for a job until after 3 months of me working and studying where I quit my job to focus on school. He started to look for jobs. When I was working, I brought him stuff and pay his rent… when he started to get the money he brought me stuff but would argue with my mom about the rent amount. (understand both he and I didn’t have a good relationship with my mom and I still don’t really plus I still live with her). The rent was originally 50 bucks per week and then it had to go up due to more mouths to feed, where it went up to 80 and he would argue with her consistently about it.

Eventually, he had stopped doing house chores and taking his turn in cooking dinner. He worked mainly night shift but we made a plan that he cooks the nights he had off but that never worked for him. He had this thing where he was getting the money and I was mainly home so I should do the chores and at which point, I did most of them except one or two he said he would after and whop do doo I would be doing them.
We were at about 4-5 months where I decided to go on birth control. Some of the side effects are weight gain and constant periods, which happened to me. I was about 95kg which is “overweight” for the age I was and my height but I was quite muscular. (I used to be a dancer). I was about 3 months on the contraceptive. I had gained over 30 kg and it was showing.

My ex had pointed out that I was gaining weight and that I should work out a little to manage it, at which point I tried but I have a medical condition where my ligaments in my shoulders and knees struggle to bear weight and will slide out (dislocate). I struggled to walk some days and others I would be completely fine. He blamed it on my weight… and later in the relationship, he told me he wasn’t physically attracted to me because of my weight gain and then even later had told me he couldn’t see me having kids with him (my belief is that you date someone to marry and maybe have kids). I cried my heart out and it got to a point where he was moving out to go back to his home town and wanted me to with him and I said no.  I should also mention he cheated on me while he was away on a camping trip.

So the break up wasn’t mutual.

Now the revenge.

I never realized how much of a toxic relationship I was in, so I wanted some revenge for what he put me through and today was that day.

So I gave him the Netflix password for my mom’s account and it was today almost 4-5 months later he left I realized he was still using it. So I changed the password while he sunk into the punisher series like a vampire to blood and with a coronavirus lockdown, it was a perfect time. I sent him a message telling him to buy his own Netflix. It feels great knowing that he will have nothing to do.

Terry, if you read this go and politely (bleep) yourself thanks.” Stalkingleopard

Another User Comments:

“You seem pretty cool, I just wish you could have done more to him.” filmcup


“I wish I could too but he moved out very quickly, and I gave him more respect then what I should’ve.

for example I sent him the things he left after he left. I am not normally someone for revenge but for me the small inconvenience I’m more than happy with. thanks for the read” Stalkingleopard

2. She Owed Him Money After She Left Him, So He Did Everything He Could To Get It


“I met her through a dating site.
I was widowed, she was divorced. When I was growing up, there were hardly any kids I went to school with whose parents had divorced so there was a kind of stigma attached to it. But, I gave her the benefit of the doubt.

She didn’t get on with her ex (with whom she had 2 daughters). They’d separated after about 3 years of marriage. The eldest saw her father occasionally; the youngest (born about 12 months before the separation) didn’t really remember him despite seeing him when her older sister visited. She and her 3 daughters (the youngest from a new relationship) moved in with me and my son 8 months later (we were engaged by this point).

One night, her eldest daughter left her mobile lying around. I know I shouldn’t have, but I saw a text which came from her father. It said, “I’ll give it 6 months before she’s got his money and his house,” (my mortgage had been paid for 10 years previously when my first wife died). I told her about it and we laughed. We married 12 months to the day we met.

We also laughed a few times more about that text, and on our 6-month anniversary.
I said “shouldn’t you have my money and my house by now?” and we laughed again. Less than 6 months later she left me, and after some snooping around after she’d moved out (but before collecting her stuff before moving into a new house), I found a few things out.

I didn’t realize just how much debt we (I) were (was) in. She’d been an undischarged bankrupt when we met (I knew about it) so all finances were in my name (although she was an authorized user, and had a bank card to my account).

I discovered I was in £25k debt. I had to juggle my finances pretty quickly to appease those who I had to pay money to on a regular basis to allow me to stay in my home (gas, electric, water, council, etc) and to those who I paid money to that I could do without (white goods insurance, magazine subscription, etc.). I canceled.

Whilst going through her stuff that she’d left behind in her haste to get out, I found a few interesting pieces of info. 3 days before she was due to move in with me, she was due to attend court to answer a summons that she’d not paid her council tax for the whole of the 12 months before we met.
She’d also told her council that her eldest daughter had “moved out” on the day of her 18th birthday despite the fact that she hadn’t (there was a 25% reduction for single adult occupancy).

Her middle daughter also “moved out” on her 18th birthday (she hadn’t) just after we met. She also hadn’t paid her water rates for the previous 12 months. I was beginning to understand just what kind of person she’d been.

She didn’t change her email password (which she’d told me) so for quite some time, I was checking her mail. I didn’t act on any of it, I just read it. She hadn’t told me why she left, so I was hoping to find some evidence of cheating. There was nobody else (and I know that to be true 7 years later), but what I did discover is that she’d been applying for credit cards with higher-than-normal interest rates (aimed at those who had poor credit ratings because of, amongst other things, bankruptcy) and also payday loans.

One day, my home phone rang. I answered and it was a robotic voice. “This is a call for X.

If you press 1”. I couldn’t work out what “metallic name” was saying, but if you’re calling me, I want to know who you are, so I pressed 1.
A moment later, a human voice came on the line and said: “Is there?” I said no she wasn’t. She’d walked out on me and obviously not bothered to inform you. She also hadn’t told you that we were married and that she now had a new surname. “Ah no matter, we have other numbers for her,” I said that if any of those numbers began (and gave him the dialing code for her previous address) or end with (and gave him the last 3 digits of her mobile number) then there was no point in dialing them as they were no longer valid. You could hear the disappointment in his voice.

“But I can give you her current home address if you like?” I said, and his voice changed to a level that it might be if he’d won the lottery.

“Oh that’d be great!” he said, so I gave him her new address. A couple of days later, she sent an email to the company saying “You’ve written to me in my previous name but I have no idea what it’s about” so I knew I’d hit the jackpot (searching the company name/phone number, I discovered they were a debt collection agency).
Time to twist that knife further.

I phoned her old council and told them that she’d been not attended court when she was supposed to as she’d moved in with me (and the reason she’d given to her council for giving up her tenancy was “problems with neighbors”, not “moving in with fiancé), and told them that she’d been claiming single-adult occupancy when she wasn’t supposed to and gave them her current address. Her eldest daughter had moved out of our house and moved in with her father some 9 months before her mother moved out, and I suspected that he wouldn’t have told the council that she’d moved in (he was living alone and claiming single-adult occupancy) and gave them his address (I’d dropped her daughter off there a few times before she moved out).

The council thanked me for that.

I then phoned our own council and told them that she was more-than-likely claiming single-adult occupancy with them. They asked why I thought that. I told them that I’d found some info online that suggested that, and that she also had the previous form so it was a fair bet she was doing it now. A few months later, while searching online, I found that miraculously, her two eldest daughters were “living” with her.
Whether they were or not, I didn’t care. She was now paying what she was supposed to.

I also phoned the water people and told them about her unpaid bill and gave them her new address. They promised to investigate too. I estimated that within 6 months of moving out, she’d managed to accrue somewhere in the region of another £10k of debt that she’d somehow manage to be able to talk her way out of.

We’d also been claiming benefits as a couple (that we were entitled to) that had been previously paid individually to us. When she moved out, I had to claim as a single parent again (and so did she) but we were left with an overpayment. Due to the inefficiencies of the staff in the department dealing with the benefit, it took me nearly 3 years, with the help of my MP (who is someone I consider a friend, having worked with him 20 years previously), and the Ombudsman to be paid what I was rightfully owed. Trouble was, the way the claim was worked out, she was also entitled to something too.

I knew she’d lied on the claim for the benefit too, and when the Ombudsman phoned me to tell me that the department had finally admitted they’d screwed up, he told me what I was owed, but the bad news was that she was owed more than me! I said that I didn’t consider that fair and that I thought she’d lied in the first place.

He said that he couldn’t discuss her circumstances with me, but the way he said it, I knew that I was right in my thoughts.
He confirmed it although he shouldn’t, so I asked why she was getting the money she wasn’t entitled to, and that I’d fought for (and she hadn’t). He said that although she was legally entitled to it, the fact that she had a bigger overpayment than the money she was due (that needed to be paid back) meant that she wouldn’t see a penny of that money. It’d be deducted from what she owed.

I said that the system should have detected when she made her new claim but had obviously missed it. He said I was right, and that the department had now taken steps, based on my dogged determination to prove I was right and that they were wrong, to make changes to the system to prevent it from happening again.

So one small guy caused the government to make a sweeping change. Did I feel good about it? You bet I did.

I think I can safely say that I got the revenge (and justice) that I was owed. If you owe me money I will do everything in my power (without the need to involve solicitors) to get it back.” Source

1. I Ruined His Precious Runescape Account


Anything but the Runescape account!

“My boyfriend and I had met online well over 6 years ago through an online game by the name of RuneScape.
He was 14 and I was 17, but it had felt like we had been friends forever. We both played the game very often and connected through it, eventually leading us to start a long-distance relationship. Things began to escalate as the years went on and we began seeing each other in person every few months or so. We were about 1,500 miles apart, so one of our main priorities for the future was moving in together and closing the distance.

My job had prevented us from doing that, but we had finally set a date for me to move in with him in December of this year.

Our relationship never had any serious issues and I was more than happy to have him in my life as he was happy to have me. As I got older, I began to play RuneScape less and less, as work took up most of my time. He continued to play regularly, if not more than he had when I first met him. He could never really hold down a job and barely had an income, but I supported him throughout the years and even paid his rent from across the country after he moved out of his parents’ house a few years ago.
I never really minded it because he was a sweetheart, but we began to have problems.

In November of last year, I couldn’t help pay his monthly rent.

I was short on cash after having to pay my own living expenses alongside car repairs and bills I owed to the state, and I just couldn’t afford to support him at the time. When I called him one night to discuss it, he freaked out and started crying that he didn’t want to live with his parents again. I tried calming him down and even suggesting that I could help him find a temporary job until I could start providing for him again but he wasn’t having it. He claimed his parents would abuse him if he returned home, which I know for a fact isn’t true because he and his parents have stayed with me several times. They’ve given him the world. I eventually did calm him down but he remained passive-aggressive the entire night and we eventually hung up.

Because I cared about him, I reached out to his father the next day and informed him that he would probably be moving back home after his lease expired that month.

I explained how I wouldn’t be able to afford to pay for his living for a month or two and if there were any local jobs he could work in order to… you know, MAKE AN INCOME.
Apparently, a friend of his father needed help managing a small warehouse for his business and was looking to potentially hire my boyfriend for the season. It paid $15/hr and was super easy (lifting boxes, sweeping the floors, and taking inventory).

I brought it up to my boyfriend that same night and he was not having it. Not only did he not want to work in a “crappy warehouse”, but he didn’t want to work at all. All he planned to do day in, day out was play RuneScape. I brought up a few other job listings I had found in his area and he immediately shot all of them down as well. He then had the audacity to comment about how he thinks I should work harder and possibly work a second job.

I kept my composure and simply argued against it until we eventually hung up. I collapsed on my bed and cried for a good hour or two afterward because of the intense emotional stress I was under. Not only do I work 8 hours a day, 6 days a week, I’m also an industrial meteorologist. If I remember correctly, that’s a lot more work than playing RuneScape every day and using my Hulu account.
I really considered breaking up with him right at that moment, but I changed my mind and decided to give him another chance. Looking back on it, it was a big mistake.

I messaged him throughout the night and we sort-of made up, but I was still a little uneasy about the entire event. He had moved back with his parents by the time December had come and I began to help him look for jobs while he wasted his life away playing video games.

I eventually persuaded him to start working at a small retail store near his house and he thankfully began to make some money! I would still buy him video games and transfer his money like normal because I spoiled him, and our relationship began to feel somewhat okay again.

Last month, both him and I put our money together to fly him across the US to stay with me for 4 days. We hadn’t seen each other in person since last summer, so we were both looking forward to it. He arrived and we had a great time for the first few days because he could actually take me on dates for once with his new income. Everything was perfect until I caught a glimpse of his phone’s lock screen while he was taking a shower.
“When are you gonna leave her,” the message read.

I could have run into the bathroom and snapped his neck at that moment but I kept myself together as best as I could without killing him.

I had never felt so used, disrespected, or hated in my entire life. When he came out of the bathroom, I gave him a fake smile, but I genuinely hated him from that moment on. He could have dropped dead on the floor and I would have spit on him. I spent the remainder of the night watching him play RuneScape and I remained very quiet. He took notice of this and asked me if everything was okay, and I lied and told him I was fine. When it came time to go to sleep, I let that a-hole climb into bed with me and he tried initiating intercourse because it was our final night together. I rejected as politely as I could without tearing his member completely off. He was disappointed but went out like a light.

Immediately after he went to sleep, I reached over and unplugged his phone and started digging through his messages with that girl.

I feared that I had misinterpreted the message I had seen, but I was completely right after all.
Not only had he been cheating on me, but he had also been doing so for nearly six months; leading me to believe that he hooked up with another girl directly after I couldn’t pay for his living in November. I scrolled through probably 100,000 messages and wanted to vomit my insides out by the end of it. He had talked crap about me, claimed I was emotionally abusive (just as he had done with his parents), and even sent this girl my nudes so they could pick me apart physically.

When morning came, I had slept in because of how late I was up reading his messages. I woke up to find him on my computer playing RuneScape and eating my food. It was like everything about our relationship had been wiped from my mind and he was now an evil stranger sitting in my house.

I wanted to scream at him, I wanted to tear him apart and kick him out of my house onto the street, but I didn’t. In fact, I gave him as much love and attention as I could muster that morning because I wanted to leave things feeling normal between us. I dropped him off at the airport and we had a quick and somber goodbye before I left him forever, unbeknownst to him.
I drove back home as calmly as I could before crying my eyes out in a mix of complete anger and emotional pain. I ended up kicking my bedframe so hard that the wood split and I had to buy another one recently. If only it were his face. I wanted to break his heart by the time he arrived back home, but I wanted it to really hurt. I logged into our joint RuneScape account that we had made several years ago, where he and I would work on training the same account and raising it almost like our “baby.” We had always joked that if we were to ever split up, he would take half of the account’s bank contents and I would take the rest.

I took my half and transferred it to my main account before taking his half and giving it away to random people throughout the game. Every last bit of it. Even items I couldn’t normally trade away, I used a spell to convert the items into coins which I then gave away as well. The bank was now empty.

It then occurred to me that I had the credentials to his main account written down in my desk, as he would frequently have me train his Farming skill every so often.
I didn’t hesitate at all and logged into his precious 14-year-old RuneScape account. I immediately took all of the contents of his bank and sold it all on the Grand Exchange, a marketplace in the game. It took an extremely long time to clear out his bank, but he would still be flying home for about another 4 hours so I had plenty of time.

By the time I had sold/destroyed everything, I had four stacks of coins totaling over 8.5 billion. Now what to spend it on, hmm…

I wanted to waste his “life earnings” on the most useless, stupid thing I could think of, beside him. I logged back into my main account to reach out to a friend of mine that collects massive stacks of burnt food. For the unaware, burnt food in RuneScape has no use. You can’t “unburn” them, eat them, or even sell them on the Grand Exchange. They are, however, tradable amongst players. I’ve always poked fun at this guy for collecting burnt food, but I was now more thankful than ever to make his acquaintance in my revenge. I asked him what the most obscure, unwanted item was of the burnt food variety was and he replied “Burnt spider”.
Lo and behold, he had roughly 6,000 of the item “Spider on shaft (burnt)” in his bank that he was willing to sell me.

Feeling generous with my ex-boyfriend’s coins, I gave my friend a full stack of 2.147 billion coins and left a very happy customer. I dropped the 6,083 burnt spiders in his bank, but still had about 6 billion coins left to spend.

With the remaining money, I decided to treat myself. I went onto the Grand Exchange and ended up going on a shopping spree! The first thing I bought was 100 bonds. If you’re not familiar, a bond in RuneScape grants you 14 days of in-game Membership. After trading all 100 bonds to my account, I now have almost 4 years of Membership paid for me. I spent a majority of his coins on extremely nice armor and weapons, all of which went straight into my account. He still had about an extra billion, so I spent it on the supplies I needed to level up an expensive skill of mine.

By the end of the afternoon, he was left with a measly 150,000 coins in his bank, all of which I gave away to a guy cooking pizzas outside of the Exchange.
Nothing was left, so I decided to pick up a pile of bones off the ground and leave it solely in his bank. It might sound petty, but I laughed for a while.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. This is so cruel, you ruined the tens of thousands of hours he had put into a game! Well, it was time he learned that I can be a real mean bee with an itch. On top of spending every last coin he had ever made, I leveled his Defense skill. This may not sound bad; in fact, it sounds like a good thing! I helped his account progress, right? Well, no. Unfortunately for my ex, he had what players commonly refer to as a “pure” account: meaning he never, EVER dared to level his Defense skill from Level 1, in order to keep the lowest defense stats but have high offensive stats.

Well, not anymore. Have fun with your permanent Level 6 Defense.

Cycling through hundreds of possible forms of revenge in my head, I settled on getting rid of his house. It’s quite an achievement in RuneScape to have a nice house of your own, in fact, he had one of the nicest I had ever seen in the game.
In order to have built it, he must have spent well over a few billion coins. Too bad I had disassembled it all in a matter of minutes, deleting it all into cyberspace. And there’s no insurance either, he’s going to have to rebuy everything with his non-existent money if he wants a new house. Bye-bye, Casa de cheater.

Scrolling through his friend’s list, I decided to act as him and pay a visit to his friends who were currently online and admit that I had cheated on my girlfriend and was fully proud of it.

If his friends hadn’t removed him by that point, I removed them. All of them.

Lastly, to add a beautiful little cherry to this revenge-filled cake, I changed his username. You’re able to change your username once a month on RuneScape, so I changed his to let everybody know that he’s a dirty cheater. I obviously won’t drop his username here, but I did the best I could to embarrass him with a 12 character limit. He should be able to reclaim his previous username in about three weeks, but if he waits too long, I’ll be able to swipe it and slap it on a throwaway account of my own forever.
He sent me a very hateful and aggressive message later that night, followed by pictures of him crying. I wrote him a sincere message officially ending the relationship, while also scaring him away by threatening to “take him to court” over sharing my nudes and possibly filing a cease-and-desist if he were to contact me any time soon.

I don’t plan on doing any of that, I just don’t want to speak to him ever again.” Reddit user

Another User Comments:

“To anyone who’s unfamiliar with Runescape: 8.5 billion gold pieces in-game represents a real-world value of well in excess of $5000,-” panzercampingwagen

It’s always painful when a romantic partner betrays you. But if anything hurts more than that, it’s the previous acts of revenge. Ouch! Which one of these revenge stories do you think was the most damaging?